Types of Armenians?

i  did a bit of a research on armenians, and came across some interesting sites and message boards.

what puzzled me was the clarification and almost racist remarks against some specific groups of armenians, by armenians for armenians.

here is a “racial definition ” from a armenian teen site, which may or may not has some true traits about armenians?

Types of Armenians

 ::Hyastanci, Barskahyes, Beirutsis, Trabizontsi:: 


– IF your rims cost more than your house
– If you wear Lofers
– If your welfare check is bigger than your car payments
– If You wear 4 or 5 stripe adidas or Badidas
– If you have one eyebrow
– If you think you’re in some Armenian Mafia
– If you think everyone’s name is “Ara”
– If your armpits smell like basterma
– if your beamer’s liscense plate says Davo em apeh
– If you have an illegal cell phone from North Hollywood
– If what you’re reading is on a stolen/bought or at good guys computer
– If you playa hate Beirutsis and Barskahyes


– if you have a special way of pronouncing R when speaking Armenian
– if your last name ends w/ “IAN”
– if you go to Shiraz regularly
– if your name or your cousin’s is ARTIN or ARBI or NARBEH
– If your favirote word is “HEIR” (meaning why)
– If you CALL what you do Break Dancing
– If you pluck your eyebrows or shave your legs
– If you go to Ararat parties and call them Raves
– if you wear blue contacts
– if you go “bareeeeeeeeeeev, mamen baben inchbeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeen?”


– You go to Teen Dances every week
– You’re in AYF
– if you always go “yallah”
– if you think that you’re the best in everything
– if your name is panos, sako, george, puzant, garo, rita, sevag, jirayr, anto…or anything else as of that.
– if every sentence you say, you end with “AGA, SHAKHS, or LAN”
– YOU Become a mechanic in the future after being in law school
– if you have a computer just for Solitaire
– if you have more oil in your hair than you have in your car
– if you won’t date a guy without a car or money
– if you’re very very very tight with money $
– if your parents want you home before 6am
– if your parents are DEGENERATE gamblers
– if you call your Peachfuzz A Goatee
– if your dad owns a Panose’s Bakery
– If you work at Gap, Millers Outpost, or some “cool” store
– if you buy your clothes from abercrombie or you know , that kinda stuff
– if you have an ararad masis picture in your TV room
– if you have one of those William Saroyan posters
– if your dad thinks “oghi for life”
– if you have “dolma” on a weekly basis
– if you like giving only GOLD stuff as gifts.

more from the forum, as a reply to above quoted:

“You’re true Nor-Nakhichevantsi if:
1. Your favorite vehicle is three-weeled motorcycle.
2. Your call russian men “Khaskhi” and women “Marushka”.
3. Your call your elder brother “aga”.
4. Your favorite dessert is water-mellon
5. You call other armenians “tusatsi”, and wonder they speak such a tongue-breaking language
6. You think of a “house” when hayastantsi says “you”.
7. You believe that your dialect only is genuine armenian, and that the true armenian word for “time” (jamanak) is “saat” (which really is arabic ).You’re true Trapezundtsi(Trabizontsi) if:
1. You KNOW that you ARE the best in the world. You from your birth already know everything a person may need to know to be successful in life.
2. Your really can rise grapes and make wine. Its in your blood.
3. Your favorite vehicle is “moskvich–pirozhok”.
4. You swim good but after 30-ty you go swimming once in decade.
– – –

anyhow, i’ve been trying to find a correct translation for  “Barskahye”. all i could find was a translation of  being ” very masculine”.

why are these classifications within one nation – Armenia ?

i now have these four types of armenians, and i am not sure if i understand any of it.

i suppose some of above answers may be funny to armenians, but maybe i am to serious about the history of armenia and just can’t really see much humor in it (aside the arab comment ).

now i have these different types of armenians. but what is the real meaning of these names ( below). yet google didn’t gave me any satisfying answers

::Hyastanci, Barskahyes, Beirutsis, Trabizontsi::

what are the true meanings?


ps: i’ve found an incredible site, giving a photographic historical tour of armenia.

i’ve been looking at the photos for the past 2 hours and i am amazed. i will not hotlink the photos from the site, i do respect the copy rights of the creator.

but yet, i think every armenian, or whomever is interested in historical facts should look at these photos



29 Responses to “Types of Armenians?”

  1. 1 oguz Tolga December 14, 2006 at 10:36 am

    there is another type too.
    -If you still believe that Turks killed 1.5million Anatolian Armenians inspite of there were only 600.000 population between 1895-1915.
    -If you think Armenian diaspora is working for you not for their pocket
    -If you think Turks will accept Armenian genocide with pressures and pay money and give some parts of the anatolia to Armenia
    -If you think Turks pay any attention to some country’s parliement’s decisions on “so called genocide”.
    -If you think Armenia can build sincere relations with Turkey under such conditions
    -If you think Armenia can survive without an open border with Turkey.
    -If you think it is a good idea to force Turkish youth to be antiarmenians
    -If you think it is impossible to think “if Turks were right and there were no massacre of Armenians”

  2. 2 christopher atamian January 31, 2007 at 4:27 am

    barskahye means armenian from iran. barskastan=Iran in armenian

    hello to Oguz tola, the very prolific MIT agent ..

  3. 3 zum February 12, 2007 at 4:24 pm


    thank you very much for the explanation
    *grins* at your comment torwards Oguz ;)

  4. 4 Timur February 2, 2008 at 4:06 am

    i know this is an old post, but:

    barskahye = armenians from Iran
    hayastanci = armenians from the republic of armenia
    lebanahye (beirutsi) = armenians from lebabnon
    bolsahye = armenians from turkey (mostly modern istanbul)
    bakvahye (bakutsi) = armenians from Baku (in azerbaijan)

    and there are many more…..

  5. 6 HAYASTANCINER February 3, 2008 at 1:08 am

    oguz Tolga : QAQI BOCHKA!!!


    MERI U GNA DJOXQ!!!!!!!!!

    • 7 oguz tolga August 13, 2009 at 7:48 am

      To Hayastanciner,
      My friend,
      There are 70.000Armenian honorable women are working for their lifes in Turkey and live in good conditions.
      I will kindly ask them to full your mouth with red pepper,for your dirty talks.

  6. 8 oguz tolga April 15, 2010 at 1:41 am

    Dear President Obama,
    We write this open letter to you to correct all the lies of the leading international organisation of scholars who never studied but created a so-called Armenian genocide,in their recent open letter.Ass April approaches,we urge you to”””not refer””” to the pseudo mass slaughter of so-called armenian genocide in your commemorative statement.Because it was the huge lie of the former century . According to the Justice Councel of the European Community decisions in 2003 and 2004 there are not even a single significant evident about this so-called crime of the Ottoman Turks .Every single historian know that it was a created lie by Armenian diaspora to create a nation again after 2000years of miserable life of the nation by accusing Ottoman Empire.

    On January 19,2008 you voiced your conviction “”that the Armenian genocide is not an allegation,a personal opinion,or a point of view,but rather a widely documented fact supported by an overwheşming body of historical evidence””by a huge mistake due to the ignorance or hostile approaches by your advisors and your speech writers.
    Because UK authorities have searched all the Ottoman files 3 years during their occupation of Istanbul and western Turkey at the end of the WW1 and found completely nothing.They have arrested and taken Ottoman Turk puclic servant officers and members of parliements with military officers to Malta and judged them 2 years .The court decided to release all of them due to have no proofs or evidents found in Ottomans huge archieves after 3 years of reaserching..
    We hope that you will not affirm that conviction this April for your own credibility among the honest historians of the USA and the free democratic world.
    We are confident that you know and value the historical record on the so-called lie of created Armenian Genocide but want to underscore some lies which were used by the Armenian liars to make you believe of this huge lie.
    1.Adolf Hitler has never said “”“who today, after all, remembers the annihilation of the Armenians?”It was another huge lie of the Armenians which has never confirmed by your historians and any other archieve document but found by an anonymous armenian historian(!)
    Even an Armenian honest historian Dr.Robert John named this accusion as “”garbage””.This has been never used as an evident or proof in the Nuremberg trials by the justice.Armenian merchant Seth Mumcian donated 1 Million USD to the Jewish Museum of Genocide and the museum put it on the wall and sold genocide like a commodity for a million dollar.
    2.Rafael Lemkin heard those allegations only from Armenians , missioners and the media.Those “”sayings and personal convictions””are not evidents ,proofs and historical documents said UN in their final statements..United Nations has never recognize these allegations and for the last time in 1985 the allegations were rejected by the sub-comittee definately.
    3.The story of the 94years old lie has never found emboldened perpetuals among honest and real historians in the USA and in the other honesd historians of the world .
    4.American efforts to rescue the betrayed rebels of the Ottoman Armenians from the security forces from the 1890s through 1920s set the stage of crusuade instead of human rights activism .Because many Ottoman Turks have been killed by the Armenian rebels first in their own villages by their 2000years old neighbors inthe middle of the night and American missioners never moved their fingers years long to save those people for the modern era of human right activism and it is not a proud and important chapter in U.S. history.
    What would you do if the Hispanic group of Americans decide to uprice wore Russian uniforms and kill their neighbors one day?
    We know the diaspora will say ;
    “”We are concerned that Turkey’s lobbying efforts, which are now in full force, will lead to a repetition of the H. Res. 106 debacle of late 2007, when the President, as usual, got the resolution blocked from a House vote.
    A merely symbolic commemorative resolution, which looked like it would pass in the House, was subverted by unethical pressure, coercion, and cajoling by Turkey, a member of NATO and home of an important airbase.
    The intellectual freedom of our country cannot be held hostage by a foreign government, particularly by one with the worst human rights record in NATO.
    Twenty other nations, including NATO members France, Poland, Greece, and Germany, have disregarded Turkey’s coercion, issued commemorative statements, and proven that Turkey’s threats are nothing more than threats.””””””””””””””
    Wasn’t Germany the most important ally and front against Soviet Union since 1945 to 1990?
    Why USA condemned Germany for the Jewish genocide ?
    Why USA took all the German scentists to USA and condemned the genocide?
    To accuse a nation with killing 1.5millions of human without any proper and honest proof from any respected source is more dangerous than anything
    If 20 parliements decide about an Indian American genocide by the USA founders or 20 South American states make a genocide statement of South American Indians genocide of Spanish and Portugal armies what would happen.
    It is not a honest thing to force the parliements bt lobbying to write the history again.What would you do if the same thing will happen for your own motherland Mr.President?
    By acknowledging the Armenian Genocide is a well formed but an empty lie , you would demonstrate that you are that “leader” who “speaks truthfully about the so-called lie of pseudo Armenian Genocide.You would signal a new chapter in U.S. diplomacy to the future by telling that there are no reliable evidents to call it a genocide.
    Turkey’s call for an “historical commission” to study the events of 1915 is an perfect attempt to put so-called genocide on the table of the historians of the world. The IAGS of the corrupt so-called scholars passed a resolution in 1997 unanimously recognizing the Ottoman massacres of Armenians as genocide unfairl but Turkey’s latest proposal for an “historical commission” is fair and honest.
    But the Armenians have no intentions to join in.Dr.Hovanisian from Yerevan university made some comments on this subject and said;

    -For us Genocide is beginning of the history.

    -It was our deportation from the heaven

    -It was a milestone of our zero point which we have started from the beginning again.

    -Genocide is ts our collective memory.

    -Nothing is going to be good with Turks unless they accept the genocide.There is noway out.Just accept and relax.

    -Do you know what is the meaning of sending this subject to the “”commitee of historians””?“…
    It means we will be in position of negociating the issue again and again which we have injected in world parliements and received acceptions by .

    -This may cause the end of a 94 years of hard work of propoganda and results.

    -Historians are not able to make a decision together.Some will say yes there was a genocide others will denie it.

    Therefore we will lose the chance of making an acceptance of the genocide by other parliments and finally Turkey .

    -Why should I go the Lahey/Den Haag to the European Court of Justice for this reason.What will I prove there?Genocide is a proven issue by the Parliements why should we discuss it.

    Dear Mr.President,

    We believe that security and historical truth are not in conflict,the so-called genocide allegations are not fair and honest and it is in the interest of the United States to support the principles of human rights that are at the core of American democracy.
    Oguz Tolga
    Member Of TABA
    Turkish and American Businessmen’s Assc.
    Istanbul Turkey

    • 9 Michelle September 4, 2012 at 12:52 am

      Okay, i don’t know who you are but you are completely insane to think that the Armenian genocide didn’t happen. Just because it hasn’t been recognized yet by America doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. You cannot go around denying the deaths of MILLIONS of Armenians. You cannot walk around and deny this to the people who lived through it, to the people who laid underneath dead bodies of their family members waiting till the turks left so they could get away from the blood and the gore. You simply CANNOT go around denying something so big, so great that it has been called a Genocide. Country’s and people all around the world know and recognize this horrible injustice and soon enough the whole world will know about it, but you sir are one crazy dumbass to post comments so ridiculous like denying a GENOCIDE! Our people died for us and for you to hide behind your computer and write these disgusting things and it is extremely disrespectful and one day you will realize that you are wrong and have always been wrong about denying this. And if you still stick by your opinion while the rest of the world knows the truth then you are one ignorant offensive and repulsive man.

  7. 10 observer March 30, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Oguz Tolga,

    If you were attempting to be diplomatic in your reply with this long descriptive letter stating that the Armenian Genocide was all a lie, it was a bit too late to be dilpomatic after your first post. I am an unbiased reader just trying to learn about the history and culture of Armenia and stumbled upon this. It disappoints me how much contention can exist and continue to increase amongst all people around the world…

  8. 12 oguztolga March 31, 2011 at 4:09 am

    Dear sir,

    In last 5 years some of Armenian falsifications have been proved by the
    > scientists and historians…
    > Like;
    > 1.Hitler’s speach was a lie.Nurenberg trials took it under record.
    > 2.Vereshagin’s 1840s painting of skulls was used as armenian skulls.
    > 3.Aarmenian population in 1914 and 1922 according to the USA records was
    > 2.200.000 and 3.300.000 after war
    > 4.Mr.Morgenthau’s diary was completelt written by his armenian Secretary
    > 5.Bue Book has been written for propoganda only by the British government
    > and the Brits have apologized for the book in 1930s.
    > 6.40 days in Moses Mountain aswell
    > 7.All have been written by Toynbee were manufactured for propoganda
    > against the Ottomans including Blue book and 40days in Moses Mountain and
    > others..
    > 8.The crying Armenian boy and the Turkish soldier fake photo
    > 9.Mustafa Kemal and Liarmenian boy under his leg was a fake photo
    > 10.Mr.Kacaznuni’s book of confessions about Genocide .
    > 11.Yerevan Museum has no even a single original document in .
    > 12.Closed armenian arcieves are still closed in Boston and yerevan.
    > 13.Joint commission for the armenian genocide is a strong fear of
    > Mr.sarkissian
    > 14.There are no mass graves found in Der Zor Syria since 1915..
    > 15.There are no mass graves in Anatolia no eyewithnesses no documents
    > nothing.
    > 16.Talat Pasha’s telegram has been written 15 years after his dead by an
    > armenian Aram Andonian.
    > Dear sir,

    > I would like to know if you have new decisions or ideas about this issue.

  9. 14 oguztolga March 31, 2011 at 4:10 am

    Morgenthau was a liar.

    American ambassador Morgenthau in Turkey in 1915 has never been the
    “”armenian living territories”” even ones when he was in Turkey.

    He has been to Beirut ones to meet Mr.Bryce of the British Propoganda head
    and his deputy Mr.Arnold Toynbee to give all the written lies from His
    Translater Shimanian and his personal secretary Hagop Andonian.

    The three written source to accuse Turks have been created by this
    gentleman(!)Mr.Toynbee .

    -The Blue Book
    -The story of ambassador Morgenthau
    -40 days on mount Moses.

    German Missioner Lepsius has given those notes to his brother Frans Werfel
    to write the novel “40 days in Mount Moses””
    Burton J. Hendrick wrote “”The story of Morgenthau”” book with the
    Andonian’s and Shimovanian with many falsified additions.

    The book has been collapsed by a History Proffessor Mr.Lowry by the book
    of “”””The story behind the story of Henry Morgenthau”” But non of
    armenians was brave enough to read this book.


    22.04.1922 The 67.session of the USA Congress.

    Nr.192 USA Congress resolution and decision bill.

    “”Near east Relief Report”””

    by;Missioner James E. Barton””””
    Provided to the Congress&Senatus by Senator Lodge.
    signed by 2 Armenian Patriaches.


    1.There was no even a single proof,evident,remark or and kind of anything
    about the atrocities by the Turks in Eastern or south eastern Anatolia
    since 1913.

    2.Contrary Turks were helping and aiding to Armenians everywhere including
    in Kemalist territorries,Souh under British occupation,and in Caucassians
    without any looting or helping Turks too.

    3.In Caucassian Armenia there are 1.000.000 Armenians and 500.000 of them
    needs help immediately.

    4.In 124 Orphanage in Kemalist territories and occupied areas are active
    and 64.000 peole are staying there.Their realatives are living very clos
    to them and they are more than 50.000 people.

    5.After Mondros ,300.000 Armenians went back to Clicia(Cukurova,antep
    ,urfa, Mersin etc)with the Great Brittain and France army .But after 1921
    Frank Buillon Treaty with Kemalists they have gone to Syria with their own

    6.In Syria there are 300.000 Armenians are waiting for aid and help.

    7.In 1914-1917,500.000 armenians(may be 817.000 maximum)went
    to Soviet Republic with the Soviet army while they were retreating to
    Today’s border.See USA Home Office document of 1922

    8.There are some hunger and misery in both nations and job teaching plus
    health education have been provided.

    This Bill is accusing Morgenthau with being liar and slanderer in a way.

    This is an OBELISK of Turkish humanity.


  10. 15 oguztolga March 31, 2011 at 7:00 am

    Armenian genocide story:
    Prof Dr Mumtaz expains genocide story in engineering approach.
    This is my Phd thesis in Harvard University.Civil engineering department.
    Subject:Optimum excavation calculation for 7500 massgraves,for 1.5 million Armenian.
    Standart grave sizes:0.8m width,2m lenght,1.2 hight
    Volume:0.8 x 2 x 1.2 = 1.92m3
    Turks are barbarian and genocider people so i accepted that they put 3 armenian in that volume.
    So 1.92 / 3=0.64m3
    So for 1.5 million Armenian it needs 1.500,000×0.64=960000 m3 earth work for excavation.
    if we add ”refill”,
    it is 960000 x 2 = 1920 000 m3 earth work (excavation plus refill)
    nearly 2 million meter cube.
    Necessary equipments and machines for that earth work:
    10 excavator
    4 Grader
    2 Dozer
    10 Loder
    2 Scraper
    10 Tractor
    2 Water truck
    2 Fuel truck
    50 Lorry (Daper)
    1 Project manager
    10 Civil engineer
    2 Geological engineer
    2 Mechanical engineer
    10 Surveyor
    20 Formen
    30 Technition
    100 Driver
    2500 Worker
    Duration of the project:2 Years.(1915+2=1917)

    I like Armenian genocide story.

  11. 16 Allison March 25, 2012 at 9:43 am

    I don’t know why anyone listens to the lone ranting racist on here Ozgur whatever his name…obviously has no life.

  12. 17 Allison March 25, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Furthermore I am a non Armenian who believes in the genocide. And nothing a racist says will change my mind. And don’t talk about sending a letter to our president Ozgur Oguz whatever we don’t want your fascist 301 laws here!!!

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