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Cultural Learnings of Arabia for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of U S and A

Al-Jazeera English Hits Airwaves & News Agencies 

DOHA — Ten years after changing the face of Arab television reporting by breaking taboos, the giant Al-Jazeera network launched on Wednesday, November 15, an English-speaking channel with a heavyweight cast of presenters and the ambition to compete with Western broadcasting giants.

“Al-Jazeera English channel will sit up the news agenda,” anchors Shiulie Ghosh and Sami Zeidan said launching the long-awaited channel’s broadcasting.

Broadcasting from the ultra-sophisticated Doha studios, it began with a news bulletin featuring reports from Gaza, Sudan’s Darfur region, Tehran, China and Brazil.

Al-Jazeera English will initially have 12 hours of live programming, which it plans to boost to 24 hours on January 1.

It broadcasts from studios in Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington DC, with offices in 20 other countries and employs some 800 people of 55 different nationalities.

At least two Israeli journalists are among staff covering Israel.

Among its prominent starts is BBC veteran Sir David Frost, the only person to have interviewed the last seven US presidents and the last six British prime ministers.

Al-Jazeera English, only renamed on Tuesday from Al-Jazeera International, hopes to reach a potential audience of 80 million viewers by cable and satellite, mostly in Asia, Africa and Europe.

But the channel said on Tuesday it would not be available on cable in the United States for at least a year as “there is no free space for us on the US cable network.”

Arabic television Al-Jazeera, which began broadcasting in 1996 with staff largely drawn from the BBC’s short-lived Arabic television, gained world fame through its exclusive reporting of the US military intervention in Afghanistan in late 2001.

Known for its forthright style, frank journalism, quality programs, independence and willingness to discuss taboo issues, Al-Jazeera is the most-watched channel in the Arab world.

Alternative View

The new offshoot of the Doha-based news network comes to give a new perspective of news to English speakers around the world who are looking for an alternative to CNN and the BBC.

“Launching the English channel offers the chance to reach out to a new audience that is used to hearing the name of Al-Jazeera without being able to watch it or to understand its language,” said network general director Wadah Khanfar.

“One of our goals is to reverse the flow of information to the south,” he said, adding that the Middle East and developing nations have not had a voice of their own.

The channel is being beamed to an Asian region which is booming and hungry for news, industry experts say.

Kuala Lumpur is the regional headquarters for the international broadcaster’s Asian operations, a market of three billion people of which about one-third are Muslims.

“Asia is booming. And the interest for news is strong,” said Allan Williams, managing editor with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), stressing that the time was ripe for Al-Jazeera to launch in the region.

“Asia is a huge market. India, Pakistan, China and the 10 ASEAN countries offer huge market potential for Al-Jazeera.”

Al-Jazeera English’s managing director Nigel Parsons, a Briton who formerly worked for the BBC, said he was confident of their success in Asia.

“Yes, we want to provide an alternate view. We want to bring a different perspective. Kuala Lumpur is an important broadcast center,” he said.

“We want to look at the world from an Asian perspective.”

Editorial Policy

The new baby of Al-Jazeera network is aware of the sensitivities of some controversial words for the western audience.

“Al-Jazeera English’s audience will be different from ours,” the mother channel’s editor-in-chief, Ahmed al-Sheikh, said earlier this month.

“But we will coordinate our editorial policy through daily meetings in order to agree on, among others, controversial terms such as ‘martyrs’, ‘terrorism’ and ‘resistance’ in the coverage of regional conflicts,” he said.

The giant channel is attempting to immediately establish its credentials as a balanced network.

Al-Jazeera English showed a snippet of an interview with Hamas political supremo Khaled Meshaal and said it would later air an interview with Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

The Arab news empire is well known for angering leaders in both the West and the Arab world.

Washington has accused Al-Jazeera of being a mouthpiece for extremists, notably in Iraq, where the channel has been banned from reporting since 2004.

Britain’s Daily Mirror has cited on November 22 a Downing Street memo marked “Top Secret” saying that US President George W. Bush planned to bomb the pan-Arab satellite channel in 2004, but he was talked out of the idea by British Prime Minister Tony Blair.


VIDEO of racist anti-Arab Hollywod clips

VIDEO of racist anti-‘A’rab Hollywod clips!    

“Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered, but never before have I watched as soldiers enticed children like mice into a trap and murdered them for sport.”

— Christopher Hedges, American Journalist on assignment in Gaza

The Abu Ghraib files

my stomach is twisting. i’ve seen many photos of the “abu ghraib prison torture”…but the ones i’ve just looked at, my goodness. it is very hard for me to stomach these pixel clear photos.

i can only suggest, whomever comes across my blog, throw your food away, keep the kids away and be ready for these photos. it is beyond my thinking, or even writing. i just can’t express what i’ve just read and saw.

please note, many of these 279 photos have not been released yet.

– – –

photos from, enter at your own risk!

279 photographs and 19 videos from the Army’s internal investigation record a harrowing three months of detainee abuse inside the notorious prison — and make clear that many of those responsible have yet to be held accountable.

Editor’s note: The 10 galleries of photo and video evidence appear chronologically in the left column, followed by an additional Salon report on prosecutions for abuse and an overview of Pentagon investigations and other resources. The nine essays accompanying the photo galleries were reported and written by Michael Scherer and Mark Benjamin. Photo and video captions were compiled by Page Rockwell. Additional research, reporting and writing for “The Abu Ghraib Files” were contributed by Jeanne Carstensen, Mark Follman, Page Rockwell and Tracy Clark-Flory.

By Joan Walsh

The human rights scandal now known as “Abu Ghraib” began its journey toward exposure on Jan. 13, 2004, when Spc. Joseph Darby handed over horrific images of detainee abuse to the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command (CID). The next day, the Army launched a criminal investigation. Three and a half months later, CBS News and the New Yorker published photos and stories that introduced the world to devastating scenes of torture and suffering inside the decrepit prison in Iraq.

Today Salon presents an archive of 279 photos and 19 videos of Abu Ghraib abuse first gathered by the CID, along with information drawn from the CID’s own timeline of the events depicted. As we reported Feb. 16, Salon’s Mark Benjamin recently acquired extensive documentation of the CID investigation — including this photo archive and timeline — from a military source who spent time at Abu Ghraib and who is familiar with the Army probe.

Although the world is now sadly familiar with images of naked, hooded prisoners in scenes of horrifying humiliation and abuse, this is the first time that the full dossier of the Army’s own photographic evidence of the scandal has been made public. Most of the photos have already been seen, but the Army’s own analysis of the story behind the photos has never been fully told. It is a shocking, night-by-night record of three months inside Abu Ghraib’s notorious cellblock 1A, and it tells the story, in more graphic detail than ever before, of the rampant abuse of prisoners there. The annotated archive also includes new details about the role of the CIA, military intelligence and the CID itself in abuse captured by cameras in the fall of 2003.

The Bush administration, which recently announced plans to shut the notorious prison and transfer detainees to other sites in Iraq, would like the world to believe that it has dealt with the abuse, and that it’s time to move on. But questions about what took place there, and who was responsible, won’t end with Abu Ghraib’s closure.

In fact, after two years of relative silence, there’s suddenly new interest in asking questions. A CID spokesman recently told Salon that the agency has reopened its investigation into Abu Ghraib “to pursue some additional information” after having called the case closed in October 2005. Just this week, one of two prison dog handlers accused of torturing detainees by threatening them with dogs went on trial in Fort Meade, Md. Lawyers for Army Sgt. Michael J. Smith argue that he was only implementing dog-use policies approved by his superiors, and Col. Thomas M. Pappas, the former commander of military intelligence at Abu Ghraib, was granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony at Smith’s trial.

Meanwhile, as Salon reported last week, the Army blocked the retirement of Major Gen. Geoffrey Miller, the former Guantánamo interrogation commander who allegedly brought tougher intelligence tactics to Abu Ghraib, after two senators requested that he be kept on active duty so that he could face further questioning for his role in the detainee abuse scandal. Miller refused to testify at the dog-handler trials, invoking the military equivalent of the Fifth Amendment to shield himself from self-incrimination, but Pappas has charged that Miller introduced the use of dogs and other harsh tactics at the prison. Also last week, Salon revealed that U.S. Army Reserve Capt. Christopher R. Brinson is fighting the reprimand he received for his role in the abuse. Brinson, currently an aide to Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., supervised military police Cpl. Charles A. Graner Jr. and some of the other guards who have been convicted in the scandal. Now Brinson joins a growing chorus of Abu Ghraib figures who blame the higher command structure for what happened at the prison.

Against this backdrop of renewed scrutiny, we think the CID photo archive and related materials we present today merit close examination. In “The Abu Ghraib Files,” Salon presents an annotated, chronological version of these crucial CID investigative documents — the most comprehensive public record to date of the military’s attempt to analyze the photos from the prison. All 279 photos and 19 videos are reproduced here, along with the original captions created by Army investigators. They have been grouped into chapters that follow the CID’s timeline, and each chapter has been narrated with the facts and findings of the Taguba, Schlesinger, Fay-Jones and other Pentagon investigations (see sidebar at’s website)

But the documentation in “The Abu Ghraib Files” also draws from materials that have not been released to the public. Among these is the official logbook kept by those military soldiers who committed the bulk of the photographed abuse. Salon has also acquired an April 2005 CID interview with military police Cpl. Charles A. Graner Jr., one of the ringleaders of the abuse. (One hundred seventy-three of the 279 photos in the archive were taken with Graner’s Sony FD Mavica camera.) The interview was conducted several months after Graner was court-martialed and sentenced to 10 years in prison. He received a grant of immunity against further prosecution for anything he revealed. The documentation also draws from the unpublished testimony of Brinson to the CIA’s Office of Inspector General about the death of a prisoner at the hands of the CIA.

Thanks in part to that additional sourcing, “The Abu Ghraib Files” sheds new light on the 3-year-old prison abuse scandal. While many of the 279 photos have been previously released, until this point no one has been able to authenticate this number of images from the prison, or to provide the Army’s own documentation of what they reveal. This is the Army’s forensic report of what happened at the prison: dates, times, places, cameras and, in some though not all cases, identities of the detainees and soldiers involved in the abuse. (Salon has chosen to withhold detainee identities not previously known to the public, and to obscure their faces in photographs, to protect the victims’ privacy.)

Some of the noteworthy revelations include:

  • The prisoner in perhaps the most iconic photo from Abu Ghraib, the hooded man standing on a box with electrical wires attached to his hands, was being interrogated by the CID itself for his alleged role in the kidnapping and murder of two American soldiers in Iraq. As noted in Chapter 4, “Electrical Wires,” a CID spokesman confirmed to Salon that a CID agent was suspended in fall 2004 pending an investigation and later found “derelict in his duties” for his role in prisoner abuse. Salon could not confirm whether the agent was punished for his role in the abuse of the hooded man connected to electrical wires, known to military personnel as “Gilligan.”
  • The CID documentation, as well as other reporting, confirmed that a March 11 New York Times article identifying the prisoner in the iconic photo as Ali Shalal Qaissi, a local Baath Party member under Saddam Hussein and now a prisoners’ rights advocate in Jordan, was incorrect. The CID photo archive confirms that a prisoner matching Qaissi’s description — he has a deformed left hand — and known by the nickname “The Claw” was held at the prison and photographed by military police on the same night as the mock electrocution, but he was not the one standing on the box and attached to wires. The CID materials say all five photos of the hooded man were the prisoner known as “Gilligan.” It remains possible that Qaissi received similar treatment, but there is no record of that abuse.
  • Chapter 5, “Other Government Agencies,” tells the story behind photos of the mangled corpse of Manadel al-Jamadi, known as the “Ice Man,” who died during interrogation by a CIA officer. No one at the CIA has been prosecuted, even though al-Jamadi’s death was ruled a homicide. The chapter adds new detail about the CIA’s role in the prison drawn from Christopher Brinson’s testimony to CIA investigators.
  • As explained in Chapter 1, “Standard Operating Procedure,” some of the 279 photos and 19 videos in the archive depict controversial interrogation tactics employed in cellblock 1A. Among the examples of abuse on display in the photos were techniques sanctioned by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for use on “unlawful enemy combatants” in the “war on terror.” These include forced nudity, the use of dogs to terrorize prisoners, keeping prisoners in stress positions — physically uncomfortable poses of various types — for many hours, and varieties of sleep deprivation. Some of these techniques migrated from Guantánamo and Afghanistan to Iraq in 2003. (The abuse depicted in the Abu Ghraib photos did not occur during interrogation sessions, but in some cases military guards allege they were encouraged to “soften up” detainees for interrogation by higher-ranking military intelligence officers.)
  • Military intelligence personnel and civilian contractors employed by the military appear in some of the photographs with the military guards, and entries from a prison logbook captured in the archive show that in some cases military police believed their tough tactics were being approved by — and in some cases ordered by — military intelligence officers and civilian contractors. The logbook also documents prisoner rioting and the regular presence of multiple OGA (other government agency) detainees held in the military intelligence wing.

    Three years and at least six Pentagon investigations later, we now know that many share the blame for the outrages that took place at Abu Ghraib in the fall of 2003. The abuse took place against the backdrop of rising chaos in Iraq. In those months the U.S. military faced a raging insurgency for which it hadn’t planned. As mortar attacks rained down on the overcrowded prison — at one point there were only 450 guards for 7,000 prisoners — its command structure broke down. At the same time, the pressure from the Pentagon and the White House for “actionable intelligence” was intense, and harsh interrogation techniques were approved to obtain it. Bush administration lawyers, including Alberto Gonzales and John Yoo, had already created a radical post-9/11 legal framework that disregarded the Geneva Conventions and other international laws governing the humane treatment of prisoners in the “war on terror.” Intelligence agencies such as the CIA were apparently given the green light to operate by their own set of secret rules.

    But while the Pentagon’s own probes have acknowledged that military commanders, civilian contractors, the CIA and government policymakers all bear some responsibility for the abuses, to date only nine enlisted soldiers have been prosecuted for their crimes at Abu Ghraib (see sidebar). An additional four soldiers and eight officers, including Brinson, Pappas and Army Reserve Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, who was in charge of military police at Abu Ghraib, have been reprimanded. (Pappas and Karpinski were also relieved of their posts.) To date no high-level U.S. officials have been brought to justice in a court of law for what went on at Abu Ghraib.

    Our purpose for presenting this large catalog of images remains much the same as it was four weeks ago when we first published a much smaller number of Abu Ghraib photos that had not previously appeared in the media. As Walter Shapiro wrote, Abu Ghraib symbolizes “the failure of a democratic society to investigate well-documented abuses by its soldiers.” The documentary record of the abuse has come out in the media in a piecemeal fashion, often lacking context or description. Meanwhile, our representatives in Washington have allowed the facts about what occurred to fester in Pentagon reports without acting on their disturbing conclusions. We believe this extensive, if deeply disturbing, CID archive of photographic evidence belongs in the public record as documentation toward further investigation and accountability.

    While we want readers to understand what it is we’re presenting, we also want to make clear its limitations. The 279-photo CID timeline and other material obtained by Salon do not include the agency’s conclusions about the evidence it gathered. The captions, which Salon has chosen to reproduce almost verbatim (see methodology), contain a significant number of missing names of soldiers and detainees, misspellings and other minor discrepancies; we don’t know if the CID addressed these issues in other drafts or documents. Also, the CID materials contain two different forensic reports. The first, completed June 6, 2004, in Tikrit, Iraq, analyzed a seized laptop computer and eight CDs and found 1,325 images and 93 videos of “suspected detainee abuse.” The second report, completed a month later in Fort Belvoir, Va., analyzed 12 CDs and found “approximately 280 individual digital photos and 19 digital movies depicting possible detainee abuse.” It remains unclear why and how the CID narrowed its set of forensic evidence to the 279 images and 19 videos that we reproduce here.

    Although the photos are a disturbing visual account of particular incidents inside Abu Ghraib prison, they should not be viewed as representing the sum total of what occurred. As the Schlesinger report states in its convoluted prose: “We do know that some of the egregious abuses at Abu Ghraib which were not photographed did occur during interrogation sessions and that abuses during interrogation sessions occurred elsewhere.” Also, the documentation doesn’t include many details about the detainees who were abused and tortured at Abu Ghraib. While the International Committee of the Red Cross report from February 2004 cited military intelligence officers as estimating that “between 70 to 90 percent of persons deprived of their liberty in Iraq had been arrested by mistake,” much remains unknown about the detainees abused in the “hard site” where the Army housed violent and dangerous detainees and where much of the abuse took place.

    Finally, it’s critical to recognize that this set of images from Abu Ghraib is only one snapshot of systematic tactics the United States has used in four-plus years of the global war on terror. There have been many allegations of abuse, torture and other practices that violate international law, from holding prisoners without charging them at Guantánamo Bay and other secretive U.S. military bases and prison facilities around the world to the practice of “rendition,” or the transporting of detainees to foreign countries whose regimes use torture, to ongoing human rights violations inside detention facilities in Iraq. Abu Ghraib in fall 2003 may have been its own particular hell, but the variations of individual abuse perpetrated appear to be exceptional in only one way: They were photographed and filmed.

  • US ‘arrogant’ in Iraq, says Diplomat


    Violence in Baghdad has risen 22 per cent during Ramadan

    A senior American diplomat has told Aljazeera that the United States has shown “arrogance” and “stupidity” in Iraq, but warned that failure would be a disaster for the entire region.

    “We tried to do our best [in Iraq] but I think there is much room for criticism, because, undoubtedly, there was arrogance and there was stupidity from the United States in Iraq,” Alberto Fernandez, director of public diplomacy in the bureau of Near Eastern affairs at the US state department, said in the interview, aired on the Arabic channel late Saturday.Fernandez also declared that the US was ready to talk with any Iraqi group – except al-Qaeda in Iraq – to end the growing sectarian violence and the continuing insurgency.“We are open to dialogue because we all know that, at the end of the day, the hell and the killings in Iraq are linked to an effective Iraqi national reconciliation,” he said, speaking in Arabic from Washington.“The Iraqi government is convinced of this,” he added.

    The occupier has started to search for a face-saving way out. The resistance, with all its factions, is determined to continue fighting until the enemy is brought down to his knees and sits on the negotiating table or is dealt, with God’s help, a humiliating defeat”

    -Abu Mohammed, spokesman for Saddam’s Baath Party

    Fernandez was interviewed after a spokesman for Saddam Hussein’s outlawed Baath Party said that the United States was seeking a face-saving exodus from Iraq and that insurgents were ready to negotiate but would not lay down their arms.

    Abu Mohammed, the spokesman, set a series of conditions which would have to be met before talks with the Americans could begin.

    His demands included the return to service of Saddam’s armed forces, the scrapping of every law adopted since Saddam was removed from power, the recognition of insurgent groups as the sole representatives of the Iraqi people and a timetable for the gradual and unconditional withdrawal of US and other foreign troops in Iraq.

    “The occupier has started to search for a face-saving way out. The resistance, with all its factions, is determined to continue fighting until the enemy is brought down to his knees and sits on the negotiating table or is dealt, with God’s help, a humiliating defeat,” Abu Mohammed said.

    Removed from reality?
    Fernandez responded to the comments saying; “There is an element of the farcical in that statement …They are very removed from reality”.

    The diplomat’s remarks were part of a series of bleak assessments of the situation in Iraq from senior US officials in recent weeks.

    President Bush has conceded that “right now it’s tough” for US forces in Iraq and Major General William B. Caldwell, the US military spokesman in Iraq, admitted that attacks in Baghdad were up 22 per cent in the first three weeks of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, despite a two-month old US-Iraqi drive to bring the violence under control.

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How can you sentence one person for going to Starbucks? Maybe he got a friend who likes it, and he keeps company to him/her to cheer him/her up? He puts his pics, coz he got many close friends living abroad and he wants to make them feel he’s still with them. A spiritual thing, it’s not like that he is in love or himself..You critisize his dress, his looks. that’s very low .. and you must know that.. You look like you are older than me. I’m 22 and I know that it is not decent to try making fun of other people’s looks. please do not do that.. About the armenian stuff. Trust me, not ALL turkish people think themselves as innocent in this matter. But this is a HUGE matter. It can not be discussed in small JS entries. And it’s a delicate point so it must be given the respect and importance it deserves.. which both of you did not.. Anyway, as you see, I’m talking sense and nothing else.. Please stop this silly quarrel and keep on living ur lives.. He goes to starbucks, u go and throw eggs at Bush :) From deco on 02/13/06 oh one thing I forgot, He has nothing against Armenia or Armenians.. I have many friends with this prejudice, but aynali is not one of them.. neither am I of course.. From zum on 02/13/06 aynali, if you would have taken the time and read the whole entry about the “armenian genocide”, you would see that i am NOT of armenian descent! even though armenia was a next door neighbor to russia. but i am not russian neither i am ukrainian and moroccan who was born and raised in germany, and now lives in the usa!i have to make my comments to you in bold otherwise it seems you are not catching on to the subject! to have an formal school education doesn’t make one smart. to open your horizon to world issues and politics is ” knowledge “. you don’t seem to be interested in your own country’s history, which makes you ignorant! in your profile, one of your interests says “starbucks” – that’s where my “starbucks” comments to you come in. your innocent journal, lawl, anyways, call me a freak or what not, i so careless, i have been called worst. it does not matter to me whatsoever. you are just a name and a picture on this site. in denial, and that is obvious. you censor your comments. i don’t care if your journal is a way of finding women, or digicam pics. i saw you are from turkey, and ALL i asked you was your stand and opinion on the armenian holocaust, which has been done by your forefathers!. you now, take this whole question/ answer to whole different level! and even call upon a friend to defend you and make you look like the goody two shoe. atleast it seems, your friend has a bit more knowledge then you do. you mr aynali, are stil in denial and ignorant about this subject. i can only recommend for you to read some history books and to educate yourself about your own countrys history! From zum on 02/13/06 deco,“About the armenian stuff. Trust me, not ALL turkish people think themselves as innocent in this matter. But this is a HUGE matter. It can not be discussed in small entries. And it’s a delicate point so it must be given the respect and importance it deserves.. which both of you did not..” yes this is a huge matter, for me it is! unjustice has been done to an entire nation. the ottoman turks did not only invade armenia, they invaded russia, morocco, algier and so on. hitler used the “ottman empire’s idea” of creating concentration camps, massgraves, wiping out a whole nation, the jews, and everyone he did despise. now, don’t get me wrong, hitler was a very smart man, the swastika was a symbol that was originally from india. he used many different world politics and past war methods that were created by other dictators before him. yet – he was an insane mass murderer. my stand on the armenian holocaust is the same as the russians did to the ukrainians in WWII. they wiped out millions of ukrainians because of the soil and land the ukraine had and in the same token starved the ukrainians to death! my grandmother was a labor worker for hitler in the “dachau concentration camp”! no she was not a jew, but she was put in there to translate for the russian jews. turkey is a land of severe injustice, what about the “kurds”? kurds ran in masses to iran, or if they had the money to european countries to escape the death that awaited them in turkey. i knew many kurds, when i used to live in germany, whom HAD to carry a turkish passport, because turkey took their land away from them and tried to make every kurd a turk! – – – my age is of no importance to you, nor does it matter whatsoever. i could be 50 years old and still have the same point of view on injustice done by countrys to wipe out an entire race/ nation! and turkey is one of them!yes, i despise any turkish blood that may be in me, because of what the ottoman turks did to my ancestors! because more then likely, some of my female ancestors were raped by ottoman soldiers, that is where there may be 1/3 of turkish blood in me come read you aynali’s response to the armenian holocaust – it shows me, you are supporters of the armenian genocide! otherwise you would take a stand in your country and try to convience the turkish government to acknowledge the genocide against the armenians! every vote – every voice counts. but you both take life for granted and don’t care what happend in the past. the past is present- the past makes us – what we are now! – – – and no i don’t throw eggs at bush… even tho he would deserve it, if not more! From Pillow-Biter on 02/14/06 How come your forehead is so big? Are all Armenians bald? And what are you eating that is making your cheeks suck in like that? Is that a Star Trek costume? Just wondering. You had your fun throwing lots of questions at Aynali. Thought I’d ask you a few. The Armenian genocide was a hoax. Never happened. Every time a Jewish issue is brought up, the Armenians all cry, “Oh wo is us, we lost a higher percentage of people in OUR genocide, screw the Jews!” Nobody is more racist then the Armenians. Armenians lie just to stay in practice. In reality, the Armenians just went south to Iraq. It’s true, look it up. Sure, some of them may have starved, because Armenians don’t actually make or grow anything, they just buy and sell shit, they’re traders. And wonderful, another America-hater, living in the United States of America. You travel around this site, criticizing the school system in “Ameerika.” Look “Zum,” it takes gigantic balls (which you clearly have) to criticize someone, yet mispell America and saying such stupidity as “Edumacate.” Trust me, that does not endear you to us “Ameerikans.” Aynali never did anything to hurt you. He’s using his journal as he sees fit, that doesn’t mean douchebags like you need to harass him. He isn’t answering because he’s likely embarrassed that you would turn his friendly, albeit simple, journal into a political forum. I’m sure he knows all too well the stories of the “genocide,” and would rather not use his journal as a forum for YOUR politics. So just because I’m of German decent, are you going to come to my journal and harass me about the mass-murders that Germans committed? Go right ahead, feel free to. I have no problem admitting the evil that the Germans performed, and I’ll be happy to discuss it. From Mavis on 02/14/06 Wow, Zum, you appear to be a very angry woman. (I’m sorry that you’ve had such a miserable life that you feel the need to make others feel bad so you can feel better about yourself. It’s a terrible shame you can’t find a way to redirect your energy in a more positive way and perhaps improve your outlook. Picking on sweet innocents like Aynali will only create bad Karma for you. “…whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” From Steve on 02/14/06 While Pillow-Biter is incorrect, and the Turkish genocide of the Armenians DID happen, for you to attack Aynali is just poor form. It was 81 years ago. He was not around, nor was his father, maybe not even his grandfather. It’s likely not a fun topic for him to discuss with non-Turks, and considering his journal is NEVER politicized, by attacking him on his own journal is just being an ass. OK, you’re Ukrainian/Moroccan, and reared in Germany. Here in the United States, we TRY (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) to have more courtesy then this. If you can’t treat others as you would be treated, then get the fuck out of “Ameerika”. Seriously. We have too many people like you that were born here, we don’t need to fucking import them. Oh, and PB is right on one thing…Armenians do indeed lie, just to keep in practice. A childhood friend of mine is Armenian. He would lie about the sunrise if he had the chance. Also, Zum, I too am of German decent. I also speak a little German. I too would be happy to discuss the Holocaust, although it wouldn’t be much of a debate. But I will discuss political issues. Because Aynali chooses not to does not make him a lesser person. It just makes him better then you. It is rude to discuss politics, sex and religion while a guest in someone’s house, and when you were visiting Aynali’s journal, you were his guest. I know they teach etiquette in German schools, because my German relatives are quite polite. You must’ve been out of school fucking a pig the day they taught manners. From deco on 02/14/06 ‘to read you aynali’s response to the armenian holocaust – it shows me, you are supporters of the armenian genocide! otherwise you would take a stand in your country and try to convience the turkish government to acknowledge the genocide against the armenians! every vote – every voice counts.’ Now how the hell do you know if I’m a supporter of the genocide or not? I never discuss politics with people I don’t know well enough … I won’t say if i’m a supporter or not. If I am a supporter, I would convinve the turkish government about that? have you ever lived in Turkey? do you know how it is like here? You think that I would go and act this way without getting harm? Know the facts before suggesting stuff.. Again, I repeat myself but, You were very rude to my friend. you downgraded him by making fun of his dresses.. and thats the fact I hate.