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The Shac 7

The SHAC 7 represents a frightening new frontier in the war on speech.

Indicted for protest activity against a criminally abusive animal-testing lab, their alleged modern forms of civil disobedience and traditional free expression are being heralded as terrorism by big business and their pocketed politicians.

The college graduates, law school student, EMT, and social justice volunteers draw a sharp contrast from the ‘Osama bin Ladens’ of the world, but are being pursued no differently. Charged under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act they face millions in fines and up to twenty-three years in jail for protected political speech and an unabashed support of controversial forms activism.

Their indictment is constitutionally flawed and imperils not just those who speak out on behalf of animals, but anyone who has something controversial to say. The stand they now take is a stand for civil liberties of us all.


strength in one’s conviction


this is your food.
this is your science.

this is your entertainment?
this is where your clothes come from?

this is disgusting.

this is cruel torture. this is murder.

Go Vegan!

strength in one’s conviction
deep and focused thought
extending compassion beyond one’s own desires, these are beautiful things

– Rachael Brady

VEGANISM: is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation of and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.
Living vegan provides numerous benefits to: animals and the quality of their lives, to the ecological integrity of our environment, and to ourselves, by keeping our bodies away from the problems associated with consumption of animals, and animal products.
First off, the meat and dairy industry causes the deaths of 27 billion chickens, cows, pigs, and other animals of the industry. The animals suffer unspeakable cruelties in order to maximize the profit made by the industry. They live their lives cut-short, caged, drugged, and mutilated. The farms are not like the ones most of us learned about in school, and have been told all of our lives; they are mechanized slaughter-houses where animal welfare is the last concern. They are hell on earth!
Second, Animal agriculture takes a devastating toll on the earth. It is an inefficient way of producing food, which squanders the vast majority of all grain grown in the U.S. The dependence of all the grain grown to shove down the throats of the animals has left the farmlands over-used causing them to be less productive in following yields. This forcing the conversion of wilderness lands into grain fields and farm land. Veganism all but eliminates these threats and leaves the land for what it was meant to be used for.
Lastly, consumption of animal fats and proteins has been linked to heart disease, colon and breast cancer, diabeties, and many other diseases. Vegan foods, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans, are low in fat, contain no cholesterol, and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Plus, vegans get the perfect amount of protein. Cows’ milk has the perfect amounts of fat and protein for young calves, but far too much for humyns! Eating meat and dairy may be the surest way to an early grave.
GO VEGAN for the animals, for the environment, and for yourself!

Enter The Chicken

enter the chickenProduced by: SERJ TANKIAN
© 2005 Serjical Strike Records, Inc.

Buckethead, whose sense of rock fashion includes a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket as headgear, signed with System Of A Down’s leader Serj Tankian’s Serjical Strike label in September of 2005. His first release is here, Enter The Chicken. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I like Buckethead’s instrumentals, but I’d like some vocal tunes as well,” then Enter The Chicken is just the thing to brighten up the hen house. Building up a tag team of guest vocalists (including Tankian), Buckethead shreds while the throat mashers sing, scream, gurgle, shriek, yell and screech over the ten vocal numbers – save the final track, a brilliant instrumental entitled “Nottingham Lace”. Better than Original Recipe or Extra Crispy? Let the hungriest of roosters decide.

thank you very much, thank you very much, fuck you very much

Tue, 14 Feb 2006 14:02:16 -0800


i am thrilled! i have the whole js clique running into my territory!

i thought at first i am going to reply to each cretin’ on here, but no that’s to much energy, i don’t want to waste on these welfare recipients on here.

so, from what it looks like, miss tennessee whined about bad bad zum , who told her just how it is. to bad the posts or replys are deleted. but then again, i suppose it is none but mindless drivel anyhow.

well my dear fanclub, you all have been posting your skins off on here, which i find very amusing.
no one cared about the turk, til i posted a comment that is more than legitimate on ms tennesee’s js, in response to her backstabbing comment on the turks js.

all of a sudden, the human brains stopped functioning. the evil “ameerikans” (it is the arab/ english readable spelling for america, you dimwits), invaded the house of zum, to leave me hate/love notes.

i am flattered – yet the nonsense written by these pms’ng females are beyond retarded.

” maple “, the never – getting – laid – damsel in distress, with her 10 year old picture from her better days, wants to raise a spitfire around here.
it is not working. calling me a transvestite – thats a classic, never heard that one before, but hey whatever floats your boat, i don’t have much experience in the transvestite field, so i could not tell you what they look like. but seems you are an expert since you like to socialize with the “it’s”. makes one wonder…

for the spanish chicana and her comment, yes mami, show some spanish temper tandrums, that’s why my spanish papi chose me and not some halfbaked cookie like you. *wink*

eurotrash, haha, well i am delighted you call me that, as a matter of fact, i take this as a compliment. i really do, it just shows how unique i am, compared to you!

anyhow, talking about my pics, go ahead and knock yourself out kids. i know what i am, i know i am beautiful inside and out :=)

all this mindless name calling and anger – is negative energy. negative energy creates illness’s. ( or atleast be creative and inteligent about it. sheesh! )

seriously, you no life having jokers have no room to speak. each of your js’s are filled with either bitching about not getting laid,
( that’s why some use js… to find their counterpart, just to find out – it didn’t work out…awww :(
or talking about their non happening lifes. what do you people really have to say, other then complaining about the lifes you don’t have?

i am a political person, very political i may add! i have been on this site, when “tiroteo” was the man in charge. i grew with this site, yet, i bet most of you will write the same nonsense in the years to come.

my mind functions. i fight for injustice done to people/ countries/ races. i am opinionated, yes i am. yet i have zero tolerance for ignorance! and all these comments are pure ignorant. they are posted out of anger, not within a rational mind.

therefore they are meaningless.

to get some facts straight, yes there was an armenian genocide. ( do your history homework, idiot, before you make yourself look like a fool on here! ). to say that all ” armenians ” lie, is racism and incorrect.

i was raised in germany, my grandmother was in a concentration camp – do i hate the germans? no, i don’t. do i hate the turks? no i don’t. even though the majority of the turks will deny the genocide done against the armenians.
do i hate americans? no i don’t – but 99% of the worlds population is stupid – and the majority of them happens to live in north america. (as seen here on this very small world of js)

puff up your chest and be proud to have some ” deutschlaender wuerstchen ” in you, which american doesn’t have german, scottish, irish in them. bla bla bla early pilgrims bla bla bla, much ?

for the sexual offender who dreams of having some sort of intercourse with me, you and jeffrey dahmer would have made a nice couple.
– – –

anyhow, i just got off a 16 hour workday and have to attend another 12 hours of work tonight. i spoke my peace. i appreciate all the attention whoring on here, but sweet zum has to get some zzz’s.

again i am delighted by the negative energy you guys put into your lifes. maybe that will give you some to talk about for a change.
keep on writing and trying to analyze me. wont be easy though – because i am a chameleon :=)

night night,


zum the armenian freak

i am amused. amused by peoples stupidity and ignorance. yet i feel aynali, is a waste of this society. giving him the benefit of the doubt, i have tried to make sense of his incoherent babble in his journal. i even tried to find a somewhat ” smart ” side in him.sadly, there is nothing. the guy is at loss. he seems to be using his journal to post endless pictures of him, same grin ( do you ever change your clothes, dood? ), same posture in each and every picture. i mean whatever floats your boat. i am not much into online – journal – picture – books. i’ve past the age to be amazed by colorful pictures and dumb oneliners beneath it. anyhow, aynali thinks i am a freak and of armenian herritage”. does that even make sense? english is not my first fuckin language, but asshat – if you want to insult me – come again. such a dolt. this man,(i suppose his computer access is limited to his workplace or internet cafe’s) does not know his own gawd dam history! he doesn’t know that the turks were one of the most evil out of all evil during the ottoman turk empire. he doesn’t care??!!! for an ” armenian genocide “, with the excuse he was not alive 80 years ago! i was not alive 80 years ago, but stupid, stupid, stupid… EDUMACATE yourself! learn your dam country’s history. stop drinking evil starbucks coffee. whomever drinks starshmuck coffee, adds their money into the israeli/palestinian conflict. or let me correct myself, adds money and fuel into the war against palestine whom are the righteous owner of the “gaza strip”. but greedy sharon and the rest of his clan, think that arab land is suppose to be israel land. which it is not! anyfuckinhow, by drinking, buying starbucks, you all add money to the war “against the palestinian’s” pocket. the ceo of starbucks is a vicious jewish man who hates arabs and supports sharon with billions each year! yes – do your homework – you evil starbucks drinkers! ok back to my little ignorant turkish ehh… i found this angry post in his journal pretty amusing, written with by a 2 digit iq cretin’, see below:

my answer to ZUM posted 02/13/06 THAT S WHAT SHE SAYS TO ME.. !!! “pretty weak he deleted it. i simply asked a question about his opinion on the armenian deleting the comment – i can only assume, that he is a supporter or in denial like the majority of turks! ” yes i asked him a question.I usually do not give answers to freaks . but hey.. even if she s a freak. .she s still a human being so let me write..I usually do not give answers to freaks . but hey.. even if she s a freak. .she s still a human being so let me write..why does that make me a freak by asking a turkish person a legitimate question and his opinion about the armenian genocide?first of all. i dont even know this person.. before writing anything.. she must have said.. hi  .. how are you .. or at least introduce me herself.. i don’t have to do anything but shit and die in this lifetime. no need for formalities. going on with the post.. well.. my posts .. are about traveling. .. the photos i took.. or.. questions to get to know women.. in other words, the guy is looking for a greencard to the usa. i mean. my posts do not have anything to do with political issues.. so.. what s she s writing is irrelevant.. nothing i write is “irrelevant”, i asked a fuckin question, a Q U E S T I O N! i thought someone of turkish descent would atleast know his own freakin history. and to think…the school system in ameerika were bad. my bad. so ZUM..:: I was not alive 80 years ago.. so i dont know the answer to your question. I dont even care.. again, you sir are an ignorant imbecile. you think with your penis and don’t use your mind. to waste a mind – means this person is a waste to society, a subhuman, of no valuable existence. a censorship queen. whom deleted a comment made by ” silly girl” who thought that the genocide was a bad thing. what does that tell me? huh huh huh? If you have a problem. I m sorry about it.. but there aint nothing I can do. And if you wanna get laid.. you are at the wrong place. find someone else.. looking to get l a i d, with whom? Y O U? mwahahaha, yes izmir uebel, you are the one. your squarehead rocks my sox. SHADDAP! and merhaba to you too.

here are some answers, comments i have received after writing this entry ( from another journal site, that is) From aynali on 02/13/06 you are not a freak because you are Armenian.. I respect every nation.. ARMENIA too.. you are a FREAK.. because.. all of a sudden you are trying to throw crap at me.. and make propoganda..using my innocent journalspace page.. I just cant let that happen.. and .. until you wrote those. i never even knew who you were.. you never even said hi. plus.. it was so irrelevant with my subject that i ve posted .. From aynali on 02/13/06 AND BY the way. i m not ignorant.. I ve graduated from UMUC.. and completed my MBA at yeditepe univ. finance department.. just because you are a loser.. I dont have the obligation to be at the same path you are walking at.. From deco on 02/13/06 hi Zum, I’m a friend of Aynali here in Istanbul, and I don’t agree with what you say.I’m sorry but you have no right to offend people you don’t know.. How can you sentence one person for going to Starbucks? Maybe he got a friend who likes it, and he keeps company to him/her to cheer him/her up? He puts his pics, coz he got many close friends living abroad and he wants to make them feel he’s still with them. A spiritual thing, it’s not like that he is in love or himself..You critisize his dress, his looks. that’s very low .. and you must know that.. You look like you are older than me. I’m 22 and I know that it is not decent to try making fun of other people’s looks. please do not do that.. About the armenian stuff. Trust me, not ALL turkish people think themselves as innocent in this matter. But this is a HUGE matter. It can not be discussed in small JS entries. And it’s a delicate point so it must be given the respect and importance it deserves.. which both of you did not.. Anyway, as you see, I’m talking sense and nothing else.. Please stop this silly quarrel and keep on living ur lives.. He goes to starbucks, u go and throw eggs at Bush :) From deco on 02/13/06 oh one thing I forgot, He has nothing against Armenia or Armenians.. I have many friends with this prejudice, but aynali is not one of them.. neither am I of course.. From zum on 02/13/06 aynali, if you would have taken the time and read the whole entry about the “armenian genocide”, you would see that i am NOT of armenian descent! even though armenia was a next door neighbor to russia. but i am not russian neither i am ukrainian and moroccan who was born and raised in germany, and now lives in the usa!i have to make my comments to you in bold otherwise it seems you are not catching on to the subject! to have an formal school education doesn’t make one smart. to open your horizon to world issues and politics is ” knowledge “. you don’t seem to be interested in your own country’s history, which makes you ignorant! in your profile, one of your interests says “starbucks” – that’s where my “starbucks” comments to you come in. your innocent journal, lawl, anyways, call me a freak or what not, i so careless, i have been called worst. it does not matter to me whatsoever. you are just a name and a picture on this site. in denial, and that is obvious. you censor your comments. i don’t care if your journal is a way of finding women, or digicam pics. i saw you are from turkey, and ALL i asked you was your stand and opinion on the armenian holocaust, which has been done by your forefathers!. you now, take this whole question/ answer to whole different level! and even call upon a friend to defend you and make you look like the goody two shoe. atleast it seems, your friend has a bit more knowledge then you do. you mr aynali, are stil in denial and ignorant about this subject. i can only recommend for you to read some history books and to educate yourself about your own countrys history! From zum on 02/13/06 deco,“About the armenian stuff. Trust me, not ALL turkish people think themselves as innocent in this matter. But this is a HUGE matter. It can not be discussed in small entries. And it’s a delicate point so it must be given the respect and importance it deserves.. which both of you did not..” yes this is a huge matter, for me it is! unjustice has been done to an entire nation. the ottoman turks did not only invade armenia, they invaded russia, morocco, algier and so on. hitler used the “ottman empire’s idea” of creating concentration camps, massgraves, wiping out a whole nation, the jews, and everyone he did despise. now, don’t get me wrong, hitler was a very smart man, the swastika was a symbol that was originally from india. he used many different world politics and past war methods that were created by other dictators before him. yet – he was an insane mass murderer. my stand on the armenian holocaust is the same as the russians did to the ukrainians in WWII. they wiped out millions of ukrainians because of the soil and land the ukraine had and in the same token starved the ukrainians to death! my grandmother was a labor worker for hitler in the “dachau concentration camp”! no she was not a jew, but she was put in there to translate for the russian jews. turkey is a land of severe injustice, what about the “kurds”? kurds ran in masses to iran, or if they had the money to european countries to escape the death that awaited them in turkey. i knew many kurds, when i used to live in germany, whom HAD to carry a turkish passport, because turkey took their land away from them and tried to make every kurd a turk! – – – my age is of no importance to you, nor does it matter whatsoever. i could be 50 years old and still have the same point of view on injustice done by countrys to wipe out an entire race/ nation! and turkey is one of them!yes, i despise any turkish blood that may be in me, because of what the ottoman turks did to my ancestors! because more then likely, some of my female ancestors were raped by ottoman soldiers, that is where there may be 1/3 of turkish blood in me come read you aynali’s response to the armenian holocaust – it shows me, you are supporters of the armenian genocide! otherwise you would take a stand in your country and try to convience the turkish government to acknowledge the genocide against the armenians! every vote – every voice counts. but you both take life for granted and don’t care what happend in the past. the past is present- the past makes us – what we are now! – – – and no i don’t throw eggs at bush… even tho he would deserve it, if not more! From Pillow-Biter on 02/14/06 How come your forehead is so big? Are all Armenians bald? And what are you eating that is making your cheeks suck in like that? Is that a Star Trek costume? Just wondering. You had your fun throwing lots of questions at Aynali. Thought I’d ask you a few. The Armenian genocide was a hoax. Never happened. Every time a Jewish issue is brought up, the Armenians all cry, “Oh wo is us, we lost a higher percentage of people in OUR genocide, screw the Jews!” Nobody is more racist then the Armenians. Armenians lie just to stay in practice. In reality, the Armenians just went south to Iraq. It’s true, look it up. Sure, some of them may have starved, because Armenians don’t actually make or grow anything, they just buy and sell shit, they’re traders. And wonderful, another America-hater, living in the United States of America. You travel around this site, criticizing the school system in “Ameerika.” Look “Zum,” it takes gigantic balls (which you clearly have) to criticize someone, yet mispell America and saying such stupidity as “Edumacate.” Trust me, that does not endear you to us “Ameerikans.” Aynali never did anything to hurt you. He’s using his journal as he sees fit, that doesn’t mean douchebags like you need to harass him. He isn’t answering because he’s likely embarrassed that you would turn his friendly, albeit simple, journal into a political forum. I’m sure he knows all too well the stories of the “genocide,” and would rather not use his journal as a forum for YOUR politics. So just because I’m of German decent, are you going to come to my journal and harass me about the mass-murders that Germans committed? Go right ahead, feel free to. I have no problem admitting the evil that the Germans performed, and I’ll be happy to discuss it. From Mavis on 02/14/06 Wow, Zum, you appear to be a very angry woman. (I’m sorry that you’ve had such a miserable life that you feel the need to make others feel bad so you can feel better about yourself. It’s a terrible shame you can’t find a way to redirect your energy in a more positive way and perhaps improve your outlook. Picking on sweet innocents like Aynali will only create bad Karma for you. “…whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” From Steve on 02/14/06 While Pillow-Biter is incorrect, and the Turkish genocide of the Armenians DID happen, for you to attack Aynali is just poor form. It was 81 years ago. He was not around, nor was his father, maybe not even his grandfather. It’s likely not a fun topic for him to discuss with non-Turks, and considering his journal is NEVER politicized, by attacking him on his own journal is just being an ass. OK, you’re Ukrainian/Moroccan, and reared in Germany. Here in the United States, we TRY (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) to have more courtesy then this. If you can’t treat others as you would be treated, then get the fuck out of “Ameerika”. Seriously. We have too many people like you that were born here, we don’t need to fucking import them. Oh, and PB is right on one thing…Armenians do indeed lie, just to keep in practice. A childhood friend of mine is Armenian. He would lie about the sunrise if he had the chance. Also, Zum, I too am of German decent. I also speak a little German. I too would be happy to discuss the Holocaust, although it wouldn’t be much of a debate. But I will discuss political issues. Because Aynali chooses not to does not make him a lesser person. It just makes him better then you. It is rude to discuss politics, sex and religion while a guest in someone’s house, and when you were visiting Aynali’s journal, you were his guest. I know they teach etiquette in German schools, because my German relatives are quite polite. You must’ve been out of school fucking a pig the day they taught manners. From deco on 02/14/06 ‘to read you aynali’s response to the armenian holocaust – it shows me, you are supporters of the armenian genocide! otherwise you would take a stand in your country and try to convience the turkish government to acknowledge the genocide against the armenians! every vote – every voice counts.’ Now how the hell do you know if I’m a supporter of the genocide or not? I never discuss politics with people I don’t know well enough … I won’t say if i’m a supporter or not. If I am a supporter, I would convinve the turkish government about that? have you ever lived in Turkey? do you know how it is like here? You think that I would go and act this way without getting harm? Know the facts before suggesting stuff.. Again, I repeat myself but, You were very rude to my friend. you downgraded him by making fun of his dresses.. and thats the fact I hate.

the armenian genocide/ottman turks – hitlers idols

yes, aynali (some stupid writer on another blogsite)
there was an armenian genocide that killed over 1.5 million armenians!
i’ve asked you an question ” do you support the acknowledgement of the armenian genocide, done in 1915 by the ottoman turks? “

only to see, he has deleted my legitimate question from his journal. you sir, are an idiot! denial is the problem, always has been the problem!
hitler’s “idea” of a ethnic cleansing, sure came from the ottoman empire, the concentration camps, the massgraves. as hitler said: ” anyone remember the armenians ?”

the reason i am writing this, is to make some of you simpletons aware that there was indeed a GENOCIDE!
and it hits home, i am of ukrainian/ moroccon descent and the ottoman turks have invaded morocco and also algier the neighbor’ing country of morocco. i am almost certain that somewhere down in my ancestry line there is some ottman turk blood in my family tree, which i despise from the bottom of my heart!!!

nevertheless, i want to state some facts here for the history inclined or the ones blinded by ignorance!

– – –

It’s Time to Remember

by Serj Tankian

On September 27th, my band, System of a Down, and hundreds of our fans, the Armenian National Committee of America, Axis of Justice, and the Armenian Youth Federation rallied in front of Speaker Dennis Hastert’s offices in Batavia, Illinois, an hour outside of Chicago.

I told the crowd about my grandfather, Stepan Haytayan, a 97 year-old survivor of the Armenian genocide and my only link to the distant past.
I promised him that I would try to talk to Dennis Hastert about the genocide resolution and about how it’s important to honor the survivors by acknowledging the truth that our own archives attest to.

My grandfather was lucky and survived the genocide; John Dolmayan, System’s drummer, never got to know his. His grandfather suffered from emphysema and was shot and killed by a Turkish solider in 1915 after coughing and being discovered hiding in a tree.

We stood together to ask Speaker Hastert to ‘do the right thing’ and keep his commitment to hold a vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution, officially recognizing Turkey’s destruction of 1.5 million Armenians between 1915 and 1923.

Some in the US government and various special interest groups have repeatedly warned about the consequences of angering Turkey, a NATO ally, over their denial of the Armenian Genocide.

But by acting as apologists for Turkey, Congress is actually holding back Turkey’s progress. By holding a vote, we will be doing the right thing morally and, at the same time, encouraging Turkey to deal honestly with its past and more openly with its future. Scores of nations have passed resolutions recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Recently, the European Parliament made Turkey’s acceptance of the genocide a pre-requisite to acceptance into the European Union.

Not recognizing an atrocity such as this for political expediency, commerce, or other reasons is simply cowardice and unacceptable.

It is time to recognize that history does and will repeat itself, unless we stop that cycle and demand accountability. The 20th century is stained with genocides all over the globe since Turkey’s murderous attempt at racial extermination in 1915.

We are currently ignoring the first genocide of the 21st century in Sudan.

Had the Allied powers who defeated Turkey in WWI, including the United State, along with the World Court recognized, condemned, and punished the Ottoman Turks for their genocide after WWI, there are many who believe that Hitler would not have ventured ahead with his own genocidal plans.

As Hitler often said in his speeches prior to the holocaust, “Who remembers the Armenians?”

It’s time to remember.

– – –

Enver Pasha’s response to his crushing defeat at the Battle of Sarikamis was, in part, to blame the Armenians. He ordered that all Armenian recruits in the Ottoman forces be disarmed, demobilized and assigned to labor camps. Most of the Armenian recruits were either executed or turned into road laborers – few survived.

On April 24, 1915 (few days after the beginning of the troubles in Van), the Young Turk government arrested several hundred – or, according to Turkish records, over two thousand – Armenian intellectuals. It is believed that most of these were soon executed. This was quickly followed – May 25, 1915 – by orders from Talat Pasha (Minister of the Interior) for the forced evacuation of hundreds of thousands – possibly over a million – Armenians from across all of Anatolia (except parts of the western coast) to Mesopotamia and what is today Syria. Many went to the Syrian town of Dayr az Zawr and the surrounding desert. The fact that the Turkish government ordered the evacuation of ethnic Armenians at this time is not in dispute. It is claimed, based on a good deal of anecdotal evidence, that the Ottoman government did not provide any facilities to care for the Armenians during their evacuation, nor when they arrived. Some records suggest that the Ottoman troops escorting the Armenians as a matter of course not only allowed others to rob, kill, and rape the Armenians, but often participated in these activities themselves. In any event, the forseeable consequence of the government’s decision to move the Armenians was a significant number of deaths.

Starved Armenian childrenThe Ottoman government ordered the evacuation or deportation of many Armenians living in Anatolia, Syria, and Mesopotamia. In the city of Edessa (modern Şanlıurfa) the local Armenian population, worried about their fate, revolted (early 1916) against the Ottoman government and took control of the old city. Ottoman forces attacked the city and bombarded it with artillery but the Armenians held out. The German General who was in command of the closest Ottoman army, Baron von der Goltz arrived and negotiated a deal with the Armenians. In exchange for an Armenian surrender and disarmament, the Ottoman government agreed not to deport them. However, the Ottoman government broke the terms of the agreement and did deport the Armenians.

It is believed that over a million were deported. The word “deportation” could be considered as misleading (and some would prefer the word “relocation”, as the former means banishment outside a country’s borders; it is said that Japanese-Americans, for example, were not “deported” during World War II). Many historians believe that the evacuations were, in practice, a method of mass execution which led to the deaths of many of the Armenian population by forcing them to march endlessly through desert, without food or water or enough protection from local Kurdish or Turkish bandits, and that the members of the special organization were charged to escort the convoys (which meant their destruction).

– – –
The Camps:

It is believed that twenty-five major concentration camps (Dayr az-Zawr, Ra’s Al Gul, Bonzanti, Mamoura, Intili, Islahiye, Radjo, Katma, Karlik, Azaz, Akhterim, Mounboudji, Bab, Tefridje, Lale, Meskene, Sebil, Dipsi, Abouharar, Hamam, Sebka, Marat, Souvar, Hama, Homs and Kahdem) existed, under the command of Şükrü Kaya, one of the right hands of Talat Pasha. The majority of the camps were situated near the Iraqi and Syrian frontiers, and some were only temporary transit camps.Others are said to have been used only as temporary mass burial zones—such as Radjo, Katma, and Azaz—that were closed in Fall 1915. Some authors also maintain that the camps Lale, Tefridje, Dipsi, Del-El, and Ra’s al-‘Ain were built specifically for those who had a life expectancy of a few days. Like in the cases of the Jewish KAPOs in the concentration camps, the majority of the guards inside the camps were Armenians.

Even though nearly all the camps, including all the major ones, were open air, the rest of the mass killings in other minor camps, was not limited to direct killings; but also to mass burning, poisoning and drowning.

– – –

The Special Organization (Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa)

While there was an official ‘special organization’ founded in December 1911 by the Ottoman government, a second organization that participated in what led to the destruction of the Ottoman Armenian community was founded by the lttihad ve Terraki. This organization technically appeared in July 1914 and was supposed to differ from the one already existing in one important point; mostly according to the military court, it was meant to be a “government in a government” (needing no orders to act).

Later in 1914, the Ottoman government decided to influence the direction the special organization was to take by releasing criminals from central prisons to be the central elements of this newly formed special organization. According to the Mazhar commissions attached to the tribunal as soon as November 1914, 124 criminals were released from Pimian prison. Many other releases followed; in Ankara a few months later, 49 criminals were released from its central prison. Little by little from the end of 1914 to the beginning of 1915, hundreds, then thousands of prisoners were freed to form the members of this organization. Later, they were charged to escort the convoys of Armenian deportees. Vehib, commander of the Ottoman third army, called those members of the special organization, the “butchers of the human specy.”

The organization was led by the Central Committee Members Doctor Nazim, Behaeddin Sakir, Atif Riza, and former Director of Public Security Aziz Bey. The headquarters of Behaeddin Sakir were in Erzurum, from where he directed the forces of the Eastern vilayets. Aziz, Atif and Nazim Beys operated in Istanbul, and their decisions were approved and implemented by Cevat Bey, the Military Governor of Istanbul.

According to the same commissions and other records, the criminals were chosen by a process of selection. They had to be ruthless butchers to be selected as a member of the special organization. The Mazhar commission, during the military court, has provided some lists of those criminals. In one instance, of 65 criminals released, 50 were in prison for murder. Such a disproportionate ratio between those condemned for murder; and others imprisoned for minor crimes is reported to have been generalized. This selection process of criminals was, according to some researchers in the field of comparative genocide studies, who specialize in the Armenian cases, clearly indicative of the government’s intention to commit mass murder of its Armenian population. Also, according to records, physicians participated in the process of selection; health professionals were appointed by the war ministry to determine whether the selected convicts would be fit to apply the degree of savagery of killing that was required.

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