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annuaire de site ‘zum’

it’s been a while,yes a while.braindead ‘zum’.
i got a new job.terrible job,terrible work,smile like a baboon on a holiday,when they tell you too.
do baboon’s even smile ?
look like a clown,represent yourself to the ‘people..people’ as a clown.low paying job,lowering my mind level.ah,what do we have to do to pay the rich in jobs that aren’t suited – well not suited for me.i am a paid by the hour puppet.
but how lucky i was today.
i worked on the company laptop all day long to investigate,why,how and when someone knocked a stack of papers down on the 14th floor,and pissed coperate america off.
to use the laptop was an internal intel pentium four blessing.

i sometimes wonder,if it’s really me or the other’s?am i a so spaced out already,that i can’t function halfway decent in society?.!put on a show,a mascerade,dummes gesicht fuer die reichen arschloecher.

it kills me to do something,an continuance from job to do things that make no damn sense to me.why do i have to smile at some fuck,because the company want’s me to be customer service oriented.does this person i smiled at..really regonizes that i smiled at her/him.
anyway…i am working,i shouldn’t complain,i should be thankful to have a job,and not sit in the gutter with the rest of ‘them’.
but yet,i want to breathe life and i want it ALL!time is running by,i don’t have all of my remaining life to wait for something good to happen.i must make it happening.and the time for it is/was 5,10,years ago..oh yea and yesterday too.
the conversation with lets call him ‘andy warhol of the south’ in short ‘aw’ sounds good..yea…awwwww.
‘aw’ made my head hurt,in a good way.we talked about the bohemian lifestyle,dadaism,comparism,hesse,kafka,fat and slim cats,fassbinder and about these ‘people..people’.
‘aw’,ein schlacksiger mann vom norden,who stimulated by brain,woke up my rotten cells in a most forgotten way.whom seem’d to be at ease with his life or more so himself.something i admire in other o’ paris…edith piaf,a short statue in a small smoke filled cafe’.non,rien de rien.
bullshit,i regret most everything!

‘aw’ has showed me in a very short period of time,to ease my mind,relax…don’t be like the ‘people…people…’.

easier said then done?ja?
schoner nu yorka,the photos are breath taking.
does anyone get what i am trying to say here ?maybe not…doesn’t matter.i understand,it’s my state of mind which is important – not YOURS!maybe i am being a brat,yess and i shall embrace the bratness in be able to understand ‘aw’,to feel like…’I AM HOME’- again!
and all it took was a few spoken words,a pair of intense and alive brown eyes,gestures with the hands and a fitting voice.
yes my sunday was good.i smiled when i left work – my brain has gotten an powerboost.hey,that’s almost better then an simple orgasm…simple i mean.
was it as good for you – as it was for me ?



bill maher spends all night arguing with republican hooker

LOS ANGELES—Sources close to Bill Maher report that the comedian and host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher spent Friday evening arguing with Carolyn Dobson, a prostitute from the London Escorts Agency and a supporter of the Republican Party. 

Maher, who was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2001 for his work on ABC’s Politically Incorrect, made his first political observation early in the evening. Shortly after entering the hotel room, he turned his attention from Dobson, who was unpacking her bag, to the television screen, where CNN commentator Eleanor Clift appeared on The McLaughlin Group.

Sitting on the edge of the bed and watching the television as he removed his shoes, Maher asked about Dobson’s political affiliation. Dobson responded that she did not vote in the last election, but if she had, she would have supported Bush.

“Let me tell you something about Bush’s domestic agenda, Carolyn,” Maher said. “He doesn’t have one. I mean, take a look at his State Of The Union address. Sports coaches need to crack down on athletes’ use of steroids? I’m sorry, that’s not a vision for America’s future. That’s a Sports Illustrated op-ed topic.”

Dobson said she didn’t initially attempt to argue with the winner of four Cable Ace Awards.

“I was getting all my condoms and lubricants and stuff out,” Dobson said. “I told him straight sex was $250 and asked him to pick what I should wear. He chose the pink negligee.”

While the prostitute phoned Maher’s credit-card number into her agency, the quick-witted pundit returned his attention to the television screen, where a news segment showed Bush addressing military personnel at CENTCOM headquarters in Tampa, FL.

“Bush was thanking the soldiers for protecting America, and [Maher] was like, ‘They’d better soak up his thanks now, Carolyn, because—’ something about how Bush is gonna cut their healthcare,” Dobson said. “I was like, ‘I’m surprised you don’t like Bush, because most successful guys do.’ He was like, ‘Okay, new rule: No more choosing political parties the way we choose the homecoming court.’”

Added Dobson: “Then he asked me to put my face up next to his dick while he jerked off.”

According to Dobson, during the approximately 40 minutes of copulation, the comedian restricted his comments to requests for changes of position or velocity. After ejaculation, however, he introduced the topic of John Kerry’s election platform.

“Two weeks ago, Kerry said that preventing nuclear terrorism would be his highest priority as president,” Maher said, a rivulet of semen trickling down his right leg. “Given that statement, you’d expect Kerry to have a broad, ambitious agenda on nuclear non-proliferation, wouldn’t you? Well, I’m sorry, Carolyn, but you’d be 100 percent wrong.”

Added Maher: “Interesting, isn’t it, that not one American president has made the halt of our nuclear-weapons program a priority?”

When Dobson informed Maher that it would be $500 more if she stayed the evening, Maher agreed to the fee, and reportedly continued to introduce various topical discussions, at one point lifting Dobson’s head from between his legs to ask a pointed question.

“He was like, ‘How can a whore support an administration that legislates against her own livelihood?” Dobson said. “And I was like, ‘Don’t call me a whore.’”

Maher did not limit the debate to politics, introducing hot-button issues ranging from space tourism to dead otters to the Supreme Court ruling on HMOs, and even riffing for several minutes on “so-called independently funded drug studies.”

Dobson admitted that the author of Does Anybody Have A Problem With That? Politically Incorrect’s Greatest Hits did ultimately goad her into a debate.

“I said I heard that Bush created a lot of jobs lately,” Dobson said. “He rolled off of me and got up on his knees and was like, ‘Created jobs? Honey, tell me, if you don’t mind, what exactly Bush has done to create jobs. Do you mean jobs in Mexico and India?’ I was like, ‘I just know there are more jobs.’ He was like, ‘Yeah, I know a lot of Halliburton execs who agree with you.’”

“His stomach has this weird scar on it,” Dobson added.