The Shac 7

The SHAC 7 represents a frightening new frontier in the war on speech.

Indicted for protest activity against a criminally abusive animal-testing lab, their alleged modern forms of civil disobedience and traditional free expression are being heralded as terrorism by big business and their pocketed politicians.

The college graduates, law school student, EMT, and social justice volunteers draw a sharp contrast from the ‘Osama bin Ladens’ of the world, but are being pursued no differently. Charged under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act they face millions in fines and up to twenty-three years in jail for protected political speech and an unabashed support of controversial forms activism.

Their indictment is constitutionally flawed and imperils not just those who speak out on behalf of animals, but anyone who has something controversial to say. The stand they now take is a stand for civil liberties of us all.


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