New Book on Armenian Genocide by Akcam Issued in Canada


 The Zorian Institute of Armenian Research in Toronto has published a book by

Taner Akcam titled Flagrant Deed: Armenian Genocide and Issue of Turkish Responsibility,

 reports Armenian Mirror Spectator. The title chosen by the author represents words of founder of current Turkish state Kemal Ataturk that he pronounced on April 24, 1920 at the Parliament open session. The international press has already appreciated the book.

The Economist noted in its October 21-27 issue, “The book highlights two facts. Firstly, many foreign witnesses of deportations arrived at a conclusion that it was not deportation, but slaughter.

Secondly, why conditions are not formed in Turkey for free discussion of the issue by now.”

The New York Times columnist Belinda Cooper wrote, “Akcam is a rare scholar, who challenged native Turkey, which holds no organized slaughter of Armenians took place.

Akcam is the first Turkish specialist to publicly use word genocide.”

In his turn Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk underscored that Flagrant Deed is the final reports on the organized extermination of Ottoman Armenians, written by the courageous Turkish scholar.

Akcam devoted his book «to the memory of decorous Muslim Turk Haji Halil, who saved and hid for over 6 months members of an Armenian family threatening his own life.» Akcam noted he was shocked by «this peculiar example of triumph of good and humanity over evil.»

The Zorian Institute helped to translate the book into English. The book is expected to be issued in Hebrew, Armenian and other languages.

«The more books are published, the better Turks will know and doubt the lie, presented by the state,» said Zorian Institute Board of Directors Chair, professor Roger Smith, reports the Azg.


14 Responses to “New Book on Armenian Genocide by Akcam Issued in Canada”

  1. 1 Kevin November 25, 2006 at 11:29 pm

    I am glad that more of this is happening. We need justice.

  2. 2 oguz Tolga November 29, 2006 at 6:50 am

    Mr.Akcam is getting paid by Armenian diaspora and ofcourse he writes books as they wish.This Armenian tale about genocide is like a “fairy tale”but in the “the prince on white horse”never comes.Mr Akcam is very happy for his salary from the diaspora.Diaspora is very happy to cash the “so called genocide tale”,Turks don’t care because they are ready to face all the idiotic thesis with their clean history.The only victim group is Armenians in Armenia.

  3. 3 zum November 29, 2006 at 4:49 pm


    if you really and truly belief that the ottoman empire/ young turks partie, have not committed an genocide on the armenians – then i don’t know what to say to you!

    do you honestly think the elderly “armenian survivors” are making some stories up?!?

    the ottoman empire is KNOWN for their brutality and inavasion of several countries. want to talk about the
    ” kurds, the algerians, moroccans “?!?
    and more?

    i am so sick of the turkish government propaganda they’re hammering into every turks head!

    and yes, i think turkey should not be in the EU as well, simply because they are clearly not europeans (unless you want to count the little piece of stolen land they have
    ” european “!)

    turks are mainly muslims and even tho i tend to appreciate the islamis religion – it should clearly NOT be a part of the EU!


  4. 4 oguz Tolga November 30, 2006 at 8:36 am

    Dear Zum or whoever you are,
    First of all you have to watch your language when you are talking about any nation or community.In old times everybody was cruel and the times were so hard.Whay don’t you blame Roman,Greeks,Persians,Russians,Brits,Germans,Spanias and Portuegese nations for their efforts in the History.
    Sorry but the Turks were the major historymakers of the whole world.Take Turks out of the old world history there will be a few left.

    lets come to the Armenian “so called tale genocide”.
    Figures reporting the total pre-World War I Armenian population vary widely, with Armenian sources claiming far more than others. British, French and Ottoman sources give figures of 1.05-1.50 million. Only certain Armenian sources claim a pre-war population larger than 1.5 million. Comparing these to post-war figures yields a rough estimate of losses. Historian and demographer, Dr. Justin McCarthy of the University of Louisville, calculates the actual losses as slightly less than 600,000. This figure agrees with those provided by British historian Arnold Toynbee, by most early editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica, and approximates the number given by Monseigneur Touchet, a French missionary, who informed the Oeuvre d’Orient in February 1916 that the number of dead is thought to be 500,000. Boghos Nubar, head of the Armenian delegation at the Paris Peace Conference in 1920, noted the large numbers who survived the war. He declared that after the war 280,000 Armenians remained in the Anatolian portion of the occupied Ottoman Empire while 700,000 Armenians had emigrated to other countries.

    Clearly then, a great portion of the Ottoman Armenians were not killed as claimed and the 1.5 million figure should be viewed as grossly erroneous. Each needless death is a tragedy. Equally tragic are lies meant to inflame hatred.
    Reliable statistics demonstrate that slightly less than 600,000 Anatolian Armenians died during the war period of 1912-22. Armenians indeed suffered a terrible mortality. But one must likewise consider the number of dead Muslims and Jews. The statistics tell us that more than 2.5 million Anatolian Muslims also perished. Thus, the years 1912-1922 constitute a horrible period for humanity, not just for Armenians.

    The numbers do not tell us the exact manner of death of the citizens of Anatolia, regardless of ethnicity, who were caught up in both an international war and an intercommunal struggle. Documents of the time list intercommunal violence, forced migration of all ethnic groups, disease, and, starvation as causes of death. Others died as a result of the same war-induced causes that ravaged all peoples during the period.
    The Armenians took arms against their own government. Their violent political aims, not their race, ethnicity or religion, rendered them subject to relocation.

    Armenian Americans ignore the dire circumstances that precipitated the enactment of a measure as drastic as mass relocation. Armenians cooperated with Russian invaders of Eastern Anatolia in wars in 1828, 1854, and 1877. Between 1893 and 1915 Ottoman Armenians in eastern Anatolia rebelled against their government — the Ottoman government — and joined Armenian revolutionary groups, such as the notorious Dashnaks and Hunchaks. They armed themselves and spearheaded a massive Russian invasion of eastern Anatolia. On November 5, 1914, the President of the Armenian National Bureau in Tblisi declared to Czar Nicholas II, “From all countries Armenians are hurrying to enter the ranks for the glorious Russian Army, with their blood to serve the victory of Russian arms. … Let the Russian flag wave freely over the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus.” Armenian treason is also plainly documented in the November 1914 issue of the Hunchak Armenian [Revolutionary] Gazette, published in Paris. In a call to arms it exhorted,

    “The entire Armenian Nation will join forces — moral and material, and waving the sword of Revolution, will enter this World conflict … as comrades in arms of the Triple Entente, and particularly Russia. They will cooperate with the Allies, making full use of all political and revolutionary means for the final victory….”

    Boghos Nubar addressed a letter to the Times of London on January 30, 1919 confirming that the Armenians were indeed belligerents in World War I. He stated with pride,

    “In the Caucasus, without mentioning the 150,000 Armenians in the Russian armies, about 50,000 Armenian volunteers under Andranik, Nazarbekoff, and others not only fought for four years for the cause of the Entente, but after the breakdown of Russia they were the only forces in the Caucasus to resist the advance of the Turks….”

    One of those who answered the Armenian call to arms was Gourgen Yanikian who, as a teenager, joined the Russians to fight the Ottoman government, and who as an elderly man, on January 27, 1973, assassinated two Turkish diplomats in Santa Barbara, California.
    No logic can reconcile the two positions that Armenian Americans promote. Eminent historian Bernard Lewis, speaking to the Israeli daily Ha’aretz on January 23, 1998, expanded on this notion,.

    “The Armenians want to benefit from both worlds. On the one hand, they speak with pride of their struggle against Ottoman despotism, while on the other hand, they compare their tragedy to the Jewish Holocaust. I do not accept this. I do not say that the Armenians did not suffer terribly. But I find enough cause for me to contain their attempts to use the Armenian massacres to diminish the worth of the Jewish Holocaust and to relate to it instead as an ethnic dispute.” (translation)

    None of the Ottoman orders commanding the relocation of Armenians, which have been reviewed by historians to date, orders killings. To the contrary, they order Ottoman officials to protect relocated Armenians.

    Where Ottoman control was weakest Armenian relocatees suffered most. The stories of the time give many examples of columns of hundreds of Armenians guarded by as few as two Ottoman gendarmes. When local Muslims attacked the columns, Armenians were robbed and killed. It must be remembered that these Muslims had themselves suffered greatly at the hands of Armenians and Russians. In the words of U.S. Ambassador Mark Bristol, “While the Dashnaks [Armenian revolutionaries] were in power they did everything in the world to keep the pot boiling by attacking Kurds, Turks and Tartars; [and] by committing outrages against the Moslems ….”

    Where Ottoman control was strong, Armenians went unharmed. In Istanbul and other major western Anatolian cities, large populations of Armenians remained throughout the war. In these areas Ottoman power was greatest and genocide would have been easiest to carry out. By contrast, during World War II, the Jews of Berlin were killed, their synagogues defiled. The Armenians of Istanbul lived through World War I, their churches open.

    The Armenian Allegation of Genocide Fails the Minimum Standards of Proof Required by the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

    The term “genocide” did not exist prior to 1944. The term was subsequently defined quite specifically by the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide. This high crime is now recognized by most nations, including the Republic of Turkey.

    The standard of proof in establishing the crime of genocide is formidable given the severity of the crime, the opportunity for overlap with other crimes, and the stigma of being charged with or found guilty of the crime. While presenting the Convention for ratification, the Secretary General of the U.N. emphasized that genocide is a crime of “specific intent,” requiring conclusive proof that members of a group were targeted simply because they were members of that group. The Secretary General further cautioned that those merely sharing political aims are not protected by the convention.

    Under this standard of proof, the Armenian American claim of genocide fails. First, no direct evidence has been discovered demonstrating that any Ottoman official sought the destruction of the Ottoman Armenians as such. Second, Ottoman Armenian Dashnak and Hunchak guerrillas and their civilian accomplices admittedly organized political revolutionary groups and waged war against their own government. Under these circumstances, it was the Ottoman Armenians’ violent political alliance with the Russian forces, not their ethnic or religious identity, which rendered them subject to the relocation.
    Another most important point is Malta affairs of the Ottoman officials.The Peace Treaty of Sevres, which was imposed upon the defeated Ottoman Empire, required the Ottoman government to hand over to the Allied Powers people accused of “massacres.” Subsequently, 144 high Ottoman officials were arrested and deported for trial by the British to the island of Malta. The principal informants to the British High Commission in Istanbul leading to the arrests were local Armenians and the Armenian Patriarchate. While the deportees were interned on Malta, the British appointed an Armenian scholar, Mr. Haig Khazarian, to conduct a thorough examination of documentary evidence in the Ottoman, British, and U.S. Archives to substantiate the charges. Access to Ottoman records was unfettered as the British and French occupied and controlled Istanbul at the time. Khazarian’s corps of investigators revealed an utter lack of evidence demonstrating that Ottoman officials either sanctioned or encouraged killings of Armenians.

    At the conclusion of the investigation, the British Procurator General determined that it was “improbable that the charges would be capable of proof in a court of law,” exonerated and released all 144 detainees — after two years and four months of detention without trial. No compensation was ever paid to the detainees.
    In 1921, a secret Armenian network based in Boston, named Nemesis, took the law into its own hands and hunted down and assassinated former Ottoman Ministers Talaat Pasha and Jemal Pasha as well as other Ottoman officials. Following in Nemesis’ footsteps, during the 1970’s and 1980’s, the Armenian terrorist groups, Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) and Justice Commandos for the Armenian Genocide (JCAG), committed over 230 armed attacks, killing 71 innocent people, including 31 Turkish diplomats, and seriously wounding over 520 people in a campaign of blood revenge.

    Most recently, Mourad Topalian, former Chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America, was tried and convicted in federal court in Ohio of terrorist crimes associated with bombings in New York and Los Angeles and with the attempted assassination of the Turkish Honorary Consul General in Philadelphia. The Armenian youths whom Topalian directed and who conducted these attacks were recruited from the Armenian Youth Federation and Armenian Revolution Federation in Boston.
    Jews did not demand the dismemberment of the nations in which they had lived. By contrast, the Ottoman Armenians openly agitated for a separate state in lands in which they were numerically inferior. The Hunchak and Dashnak revolutionary organizations, which survive to this day, were formed expressly to agitate against the Ottoman government.

    Jews did not kill their fellow citizens in the nations in which they had lived. By contrast, the Ottoman Armenians committed massacres against local Muslims.

    Jews did not openly join the ranks of their countries’ enemies during World War II. By contrast, during World War I, Ottoman Armenians openly and with pride committed mass treason, took up arms, traveled to Russia for training, and sported Russian uniforms. Others, non-uniformed irregulars, operated against the Ottoman government from behind the lines.

    Solemn tribunal at Nuremberg proved the guilt of the perpetrators of the Holocaust and sentences were carried out in accordance with agreed-upon procedures. By contrast, the Malta Tribunals, which were convened by the World War I victors, exonerated those alleged to have been responsible for the maladministration of the relocation policies.

    Open Armenian-Nazi collaboration is evident in the activities of the 812th Armenian Battalion of the [Nazi] Wehrmacht, commanded by Drastamat Kanayan (a.k.a. “Dro”), and its successor, the Armenian Legion. Anti-Jewish, pro-Nazi propaganda was published widely in the Armenian-language Hairenik daily and the weekly journal, Armenian.

    Hitler did not refer to the Armenians in plotting the Final Solution; the infamous quote is fraudulent. All sources attribute the alleged quote, “Who remembers the Armenians?” to a November 24, 1945 Times of London article, “Nazi Germany’s Road to War.” The article’s unnamed author says Hitler uttered the phrase in an address on August 22, 1939 at Obersalzburg. The Times of London author claims the speech was introduced as evidence during the November 23, 1945 session of the Nuremberg Tribunal. Yet the Nuremberg transcripts do not contain the alleged quote.

    In fact, the quote first appeared in a 1942 book by Louis Lochner, the AP’s Berlin bureau chief during World War II. Lochner, like the Times of London author, never disclosed his source. The Nuremberg Tribunal examined and then rejected Lochner’s third-hand version of Hitler’s address and rejected it. Instead, it entered into evidence two official versions of the August 22, 1939 address found in captured German military records. Neither document contains any reference to Armenians, nor in fact do they refer to the Jews. Hitler’s address was an anti-Polish invective, delivered years before he conceived the Final Solution.

    The depth, breadth, and volume of scholarship on the Holocaust are tremendous. The physical and documentary evidence is vast and proves indisputably the aims, methods, and results of the racist Nazi policies. By contrast, scholarship on the late Ottoman Empire is comparatively scarce. Much research has yet to be completed and many conclusions have yet to be drawn. Non-biased research from that period has thus far revealed tragedies afflicting all sides in a conflict with numerous belligerents. Nothing has yet been uncovered which establishes genocide. In light of the ongoing research and the other distinctions raised above, it would be improper, if not malicious, to equate a desire to challenge Armenian American assertions with Holocaust denial.
    So please do no be a part of this idiotic lie and don’t let this diaspora use you.
    Respectfully yours
    Oguz Tolga

  5. 5 Deniz Bulent November 30, 2006 at 9:02 am

    Dear Madam/ sir,
    My concerns are about both “the message and the messenger”.
    How can a controversial subject like the Turkish-Armenian conflict during World War One be presented to unsuspecting students, faculty, and indeed, public, as “settled history”?
    And perhaps, worst of all, by a notoriously biased speaker?
    Isn’t this akin to presentation Israel’s foreign policy by Osama Bin Laden?
    Is this your sense of scholarship? Fairness? Decency? Respect for law?
    Let me be more succinct with my criticism of Taner Akcam. Did you know he is a convicted terrorist in Turkey? He was one of the leaders of a armed and clandestine group advocating a Marxist-Leninist takeover of Turkish Republic caught red-handed in a bombing plot in late 1970s. He was tried, convicted, jailed, and serving time when he escaped from his jail cell. A while later, he surfaced in Germany,apparently having asked for and received asylum there. He continued his studies in Germany and got a Ph.D. in Sociology (not history) in the university of Cologne in 1995. He has never been a historian and he can not read, write, or understand Ottoman Turkish (a heavy combination of Turkish-Arabic-Persian-and tradition) to study Ottoman history. He has never been seen in the Ottoman archives doing any research. He just re-circulates Dadrian’s (his sponsor coming to America and source for information.) He has never been a professor.
    Taner Akcam was first brought to Michigan by the Armenian lobby for his virulently anti-Turkish stance, as he still seeks revenge from Turkey for his failed attempts of 1970s. He is in America probably illegally because of the three very direct questions everyone seeking a visa to enter the U.S. is asked in the INS visa application forms:

    1- Have you ever been a communist?

    2- Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

    3- Have you ever worked against the U.S. interests?
    He had to say “Yes” to all 3 questions as he was part of a group which bombed the limousine of the American ambassador Comer in Ankara in 1969. But if he did say yes, then he would not be allowed to visit, let alone work, in America.
    That’s where his sponsors, the “Armenian falsifiers” came into picture. They sneakily relied on “German papers”, which were, indeed. “clean”, and got the visa. If those Armenian falsifiers are charged with perjury at some time in future, they are probably contemplating their defense as “ignorance of Taner Akcam’s violent history in Turkey” and that they totally believed and relied on the German papers. The plot is still unfolding and one never knows what will happen tomorrow (remember the Topalian story? A “respected” Armenian leader, rubbing elbows with professors and politicians who turned out to be a leader of a terrorist cell whose task was to supply the explosives? he is serving time in prison now for his offenses.)
    That’s it for “the messenger” for now. An for your message, please read the following that I wrote for a similar situation in California where the an Armenian professor tries to use the cover of “scholarly presentation” at an unsuspecting American college to spread Armenian propaganda:

    SYNOPSIS: From Ergun KIRLIKOVALI to several African-American students who wanted more information about the Turkish views after the biased lecture by the Armenian professor :

    Today, you witnessed with your own eyes how the views of a group of people party to a controversial issue were censored by the organizers and the lecturer. Ask yourselves: How can this happen in the 21st Century at an institute of higher learning in the most advanced and richest state in the Union, California? And next time someone gives you a lofty lecture about the freedom of speech in America, please remember today!”
    Last but not least, genocide is a legal term and a verdict that must be reached by a “competent court”, a la Nuremberg. Such a court was attempted by the British but abandoned in 1921 due to lack of “court admissible evidence” right after the war. Therefore, such a verdict does not exist. Since you have used the term genocide, you either must produce a court verdict by a competent court or chance being labeled the head of a racist and dishonest “lynch mob”.
    Ergun Kirlikovali

  6. 6 Oguz tolga November 30, 2006 at 9:28 am

    Akçam studied at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. He was a student of Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics. He received his Bachelor of Administrative Sciences in 1976. He stayed at the university as a Master’s student and assistant in the same department for some time.

    In the mid-1970s, Akçam became a leading member of the militant group Dev Yol (Devrimci Yol-Revolutionary Path) and the editor of its periodical Devrimci Genclik Dergisi (Revolutionary Youth Magazine). Dev Yol was a splinter faction of the Turkish People’s Liberation Party-Front (THKP/C) and also gave offspring to Dev Sol (Devrimci Sol-Revolutionary Left) which later changed its name to DHKP/C. In 1976 he was arrested and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. He escaped prison one year later. He has been living in the Federal Republic of Germany since early 1978 as a political refugee. He continued his political activities and in 1988 started working for the Hamburg Institute for Social Research on the history of violence and torture in Turkey. He earned his Doctorate Degree at The University of Hannover in 1995. The topic was called “Turkish Nationalism and the Armenian Genocide on the Background of Military Tribunals in Istanbul between 1919 and 1922”.

    Currently he belongs to the scientific staff of the Hamburg Foundation to promote science and culture, working at the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. Today, Akçam is currently a Visiting Associate Professor of History at the University of Minnesota, USA.

  7. 7 zum December 1, 2006 at 12:22 pm


    first of all, YOU are here, this is MY blog! i interpretate my opinions about whatever in MY own personal way! now you on the other hand are a GUEST at MY blog, and DO and will not tell me HOW I SUPPOSE TO ACT on here, got it?! good!

    as for you copy & paste job about the “never happend armenian genocide”, coming from a “Ataturk Site”, please…don’t underestimate my intelligence. i’ve read many many opinions and really these are nothing but opinions before.

    why do you think, ( for one reason ), turkey will more then likely not enter the EU?
    think about it, it is not just about cypruss. if the turkish government doesn’t change and make a 180 degree turn – it may will become a enemy to many others, which will hurt the turkish economy very badly.

    why did so many turks came to germany in the late 1960’s? germany is swarmed with turks. ( and i know this for a fact, because i lived there for most of my life ) because turkey doesn’t give a ratsass about anything but their politics.
    why did so many kurds came to germany? because they faced execution/ jail for not wanting to be a part of turkey. kurds were forced and stil do til today, to carry a turkish passport.

    the turkish government has been corrupt for centurys. you say ” look at the turkish history “?, i wouldn’t be prpud to be a part of this history/ country who stole millions of $ from the armenians, sitting at the “Deutsche Bank” in germany.

    nope, i would not be proud!


    now add 1+1 together…its not really 2, not in turkey!

  8. 8 zum December 1, 2006 at 12:33 pm

    about the 3 immigration questions:
    1- Have you ever been a communist?
    2- Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
    3- Have you ever worked against the U.S. interests?
    let me tell you how this works here in the USA, you are asked these questions upon entering the United States of America, while at the Airport. you are in a seperate office where they will fingerprint, take photos of you. and take you through a lenghty interview.
    how do i know..i have been through the immigration questionaire.
    Mr Akcam, upon entering the USA, had to go through a lot of paperwork/ passport/ immigration arrangement, while he was in germany. and let me tell you, germany will find some shit on you – if you have a “history”.
    Akcam, if he would have been an ” terrorist ” he wouldn’t have been been able to enter germany nor the usa.
    funny that you say that, i don’t recall ever seeing him on “interpol or fbi most wanted”.
    again, this is propaganda, because mr akcam choose to speak out against the turkish goverment. i suppose the same counts for mr pamuk, huh? is he a “terrorist” now, because he spoke the TRUTH?
    you brainwashed people need to WAKE UP and smell the coffee!

    • 9 Allison March 26, 2012 at 12:33 am

      Amen sister very well spoken and more!! Never expected a little feisty attitude and I loved it!! That Oz T. guy is a cyber bully fanatic. Whose bitter that the whole world doesnt practice artical 301. They want all of us to be shot for having a diffrence in belief. Pfft..whatever! Kudos to you though!!:-)

  9. 10 Oguz tolga December 2, 2006 at 6:32 am

    You must be very careful when you telling a story or stories about Turks.Please.
    yes it is a very sad story when you look from your side and nobody denies the relocation story because of the betraying Armenians to their own dtate with the help of Russians and French armies.Yes it was a kind of rebelic revolution against the collapting Ottoman empire.But you lost we won. inspite of killing hundreds of thousands of Turks in their villages and homes while they were trusting their 2000years old neigbours,Armenians…But the “tale”part of the story is “genocide”.because we could kill them all if we wanted to.British courts in Malta have decided that there was no systematic killings.All happened after their collabrations with the Russians and killing poor Turks.It was during the 1.World War and Turkish war of independence.Turks were fighting again 7 countries’ armies and ıstanbul was under occupation of the Britain.So all genocide tales comes from the inferiority complexes of the Europeans and they behave like supporting your thesis.But soon you will see that all the “tales”about so called genocide will be in garbage box of the history.All archives of the Turkish/Ottoman states are open to anybody.But non of the Armanian papers are under lighta.So stop playing hide and seek and help your people in Armenia.Without Turkish help they are dying again.It is the real genocide of modern times.Diaspora is using a nation as a decoy to hount other europeans feelings.
    Of course you know all the facts that nobody really cares about your people in Armenia or you “fairy tale genocide”.but they all want to see the Turks in very bad position because of the religion and the past issues of the Ottoman Turk’s existance in Europe for 600years.As you see non of the middle eastern,Balcanic or Caucassian problems can not be solved without the permission of the Turks.
    So,now your diaspora and other sworn enemies come one by one to solve all the problems with us.The reason for this is partly because of clean hands of Turks and partly because of the power we have.If you look at the world map you will easly spot the center of the world is Turkey.
    So you can not do anything about a lost trial my dear friend.
    I have been dealing with armenian lies for 30years so please do not try to put new tales on the table.

  10. 11 Oguz tolga December 2, 2006 at 7:51 am

    Kurds are brothers and sisters of us.We have been living in this ares for more than 2000years and our origin is the same.We all know that just like your funny diaspora,they(the sold terrorist ) have a patron :=) too.When the boss says do this the puppet terrorists dodo.But the end is near and they will soon see the final curtain.
    We will see what will happen when US army left the territory.
    Turks never kill anybody if they are not cheaters.You know it very well but you can not tell it because of your inferiority complex.Our history is full of love and culture and our hands are clean and strong.We are here waiting.

  11. 12 Jack January 24, 2007 at 3:08 am


    This discussion is all bullshit. Many Armenians who had survining family members heard those stories first hand from them, directly. They don’t need any other proof, of what happenned in the past.

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