To my Readers – on a personal note

i have been receiving a lot of negative comments regarding some entries i’ve wrote.  in particular about the armenian genocide.

i write about matters that are of personal interest for me, and the armenian genocide is one of them. i also write about the apartheid against palestine, the american ” lost villager” and more.

i understand that many of you wont agree with me or my writings – hey thats life.

but what i am asking for is simple. if you have something to say, please do so in english. i write in english and i would appreciate constructive comments in english as well. i speak several languages, but turkish is not one of them.

yet, i do understand some words and had to remove a comment which has nothing – and i mean absolutley nothing to do with my writings. a loud bark calling me very vulgar names. this i wont tolerate.

this is MY blog and i write about whatever i feel like. if you don’t like it, please click the X on the upper right hand corner and leave. if  there is an contiunance of “name calling”, i will block your IP.

please don’t underestimate me, i do know where the comments are coming from, i DO know where each and everyone post’s from. i can see every IP and location of the invidual commenter. and it seems Amsterdam is right now invading my blog in a non called manner.

if you have something to say – i welcome you, i welcome healthy critique, i welcome anyone who can agree to disagree with me.

yet, please refrain from name calling and non english comments. my native language isn’t english neither. but if you respond in turkish to an english written article, i assume you did understand the articles content.



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