First Saudi film opening today

First Saudi film opening today

The landmark film will be screened at Bahrain Cinema Company’s screens in Seef Mall and will open on November 8 in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt.

The film details the struggle between moderates and religious extremists in one Saudi family.

“We are expecting a very good turnout for the film’s premiere, including many people who will come from Saudi just to watch it,” said Bahrain Cinema Company general supervisor Mahmood Jagbeer.

It is about a Saudi woman who dreams of a career, but has to struggle against her fundamentalist brother who wants to pick her life partner and is already planning her life as a homemaker.

Directed by Palestinian-Canadian Izidore Musallam, the film stars Saudi Hisham Abdul Rahman, last year’s winner of the Lebanon-based Star Academy trophy.

The producers hope the film will be a springboard for cinematic reform in Saudi Arabia.

“We’re hoping that the film will encourage other Saudi film-makers, actors and actresses, as well as the authorities to allow film shoots in the country and open cinemas in the future,” says executive producer Turki Al Shabanah.

Cinemas have been banned in Saudi Arabia since the early 1980s.

To get around this, producers have signed a deal with Showtime Arabia to offer the film, made in Dubai, on pay-per-view once the theatrical release is over. The film will be screened every hour from 11am until 1am.


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