it’s time for the perculator


ok,it is time to write.i am negelecting everything over playing “starwars galaxies – am empire devided”.this game is such an addiction,i just can’t stop playing.


btw, has anyone ever neglected the real life over the computer life ?

inquiring mind would like to know
so whats been going on in zum’s world.a lot and then again move was a big chaos ,fiasko.i am such an procrastinator,i pack my stuff an hour before i move.and then it takes me days to do finish up.everytime i move -it takes me atleast one week to get all my crap together,and once in a new place i decorate the place maybe 6 mos later.yah weird.thanks for the backporch storage room i have ,it’s packed with all my stuff.

i am really upset at the ‘harris teeter store chain’ – it is an better grocery store,whom send me coupons and free starshmucks coffee.anyway,last time i was there,i always grind my coffee freshly,some fuck before me must have had some “almond flavored coffee”-now my coffee tastes like freaqqin almonds.not even the freshly cinnamon i put in my coffee can take the almond flavour away.

i took the stray cat that was hanging around in my old apartment-i took him into an cat carrier into my car and brought him over here.let him sniff around in the new place,but then he wanted to go outside.soooo mr straycat *mr .man* – i named him that is one helluva housecat now!

my cats are slightly pissed ,specially ’slimm the siamese.well ‘mr man’ comes in every morning and loves me to death,he comes in ,eats,purr’s want to sit on my lap,and then he parks himself on the big chair and sleeps all day.

yea there is sme hissing going on,but i tell him not to do that in my house,and he is getting better at,he is one smart feline,very respectfull of my furniture – unlike MY CATS.they are PUNKS!they already pissed on my new 2 chairs! i yelled at all of them,because i don’t know which one did it!
i am beginning to love ‘mr man’…

of course i am stil not working,but i added my finances up,and by the end of this month i have to be at some work/ rent i paid ahead for april,so it wont be due til the 1st of may.right now i am pretty much broke,my fridge is sort of empty.i don’t eat much, but bananas and drink nasty almond tasting coffee and smoke for three.

i am just enjoying to play my rpg game of starwars,to be what i can’t be in real life,and it so sucks you in.this is an world of it’s thye matrix…it totally takes over you,and you can only play and play and play til exhaustion.i am an addict i admit.

i met lots of cool ppls on there as well,the europeans and canadians are the guy is from austria,so i can speak bavarian with him-the dialects -bavarian and austrian are similar.and these people are just smarter than these american kiddos on there,whom are all “imperials”!
i think i have mentioned it before – i am a “rebel”.
i don’t work for ‘darth vader’ ,because he wants to destroy all us ‘rebels’.actually right now -rebels are stronger than imperials.or better yet in the majority.i wrote in my profile on starwars :

The reason i don’t like imperials is simple – they are all Republicans and use cheap TUSSY deodorant’s!

other than that life is life,passing me by somehow.because i am an pc gamer addict and don’t do anything else but just that.i don’t know how to snap out of it.and i cant imagine going to work and not playing this game as much as i am doing right now! i will have seizures!

anyhow,so much for zum’s life..nothing much happen’d.all stays the same…


3 Responses to “it’s time for the perculator”

  1. 1 Beka January 31, 2007 at 10:32 am

    Who wrote the Perculator song??

  2. 2 zum February 10, 2007 at 9:28 am

    beka, “cashmere”, wrote the song.

  3. 3 Isobel February 12, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    dose it go…. Its time for the porculator….. Its time for the porculator…. Its time for the porculator to left! take it back now yall! criscoss! criscross! every body clap ur hands!

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