this ‘700 club’, adela, nation of islam

08:51AM yesterday i had as few erans to run.i went to the unemployment office to get an huge print out of companys that are hiring in this region incl some job search sites.while i was sittign in there waiting for my turn to be called ,i have noticed an older muslim woman,who wore an hijab and matching dress.she looked poor,but in peace with herself.she noticed me turn came and i went and talked to that lady there,whom was trying to tell me on how to use a computer for the “internet”.i politly interrupted her and told her that i have ‘access to the internet’,poor thing.

anyways,once i left the building,this muslim lady was like right next to my car and made handsigns to get my first thought of me was like ‘oh no she needs a freaqqin ride’,so i hestitated at first,but then rolled down the passenger window,and she asked me in broken english (she saw my blue islamic prayer beads and the ‘all seeing blue eye’ hanging of my car backview mirror.’ sister could you please help me to give me a ride to the bustop.then i saw she had grocery bags,and she wasn’t that old but just looked i said yes i give you a ride.i asked here where she was living at,and it was way out of my way,but i told ‘adela’ – i take you home.adela is from ‘yemen’,spoke lots of arabic to me,and to my surprise i understood so much.i couldn’t believe it!

and mashallah we had an conversation going.english and arabic,it sounded rather funny on my part i guess.the grocerys she had came from an nearby foodbank where she has gotten the food from.she told me she has 2 daughters,18 and 16,one is in college and the other one stil in highschool.he husband is in kenia/africa – and married to 2 other women.she was very proud to tell me that he had 2 other wifes and 6 kids with them.i smiled and told her i don’t think i would want to be a wife,and have 2 or 3 more more wifes running around.but she told me she taught these wifes everything and loves them very much.i smiled and thought to myself – it is a good system to those whom understand the culture.for the westerner it is hard to comprehend to live in such an arrangement.(well maybe mormons would understand,hehe)

i had some things to do,but in our convo while driving,it came out that adela was in need of an i thought of this ‘greek restaurant’ i know off,but the owners are from lebanon and i took her there.her english isn’t to well,so the son of the owner,her and me we talked.he spoke arabic too,to ME and of course adela.and i understood most of it again!he spoke an very clean arabic,not with an slang and very precise,not to fast either.he needed an cook,but adela asked if he serves ‘haram’ meat – which he does.and she asked if she could wear her hijab,and he said -no,she has to wear an lil hat,like an baseball hat.and jeans! well adela is a muslima,and she cant wear these things.but she was very nice to him regardless.then she asked if she could have a lil bit of food,because she has diabetes,and he said ‘look at the menue’ and order… now this is wrong!i said to him – i don’t think she has much money on her,so he just shook his head…like he was saying ‘oh well- no food then.this is so arabic people he should have given her a bite to eat!

well,he said he doesn’t think she wold be ok for the kitchen,because she has to work very fast and that she can NOT sepak arabic in front of the american customers! what a dam sell-out!and adeal asked him if was muslim – and he said -NO,he is a christian,his whole family is christian,and i asked him if was american citizen and he nodded is head proudly.i told him – i would never become american citizen-because i will never place my hand to my heart and pledge the allgegiance to an a matter of fact – i wouldn’t put my hand on my heart for any piece of cloth! it is just wrong in my opinion .

i am an ‘alien with an greencard’ – which isn’t really green,but meaning i am a foreigner in this country and always will be!i careless tho.

so i took adela to another place,an guy from ’syria’ and his cook was ‘turkish’ – an restaurant that makes PIZZA’s!anyway’s we went there and he was really nice.some american stood there dumbfounded because they spoke arabic,and he wrote adela’s name in arabic on a lil paper and her phone number ,and come to find out – he needs someone who does prep cooking,like cutting veggies and meat.adela would be working in the back of the kitchen,the turkish guy also speaks a lil arabic,so adela will be able to understand the food orders.and hehe,she then said to me,go get some food ( i was hungry by then),and i looked at her in surprise,she snapped her fingers and said that allah has been good to her,because he brought ME along ,and i helped her to find an job and then she asked the guy for a bit food – and they fixed an whole pizza fresh for us.that was just really nice.and so we munched on this pizza.adela ate with her hands,incl the salad,which for westerners is ‘nasty’ but i know in morocco we do the same thing…or use bread to pick up the food by today – she should have this job,because her daughter she sais would help her to fill out the application.

while we ate,there was this channel on with this so called ‘christian 700 club’! i wanted to throw a WMD at this guy who gave a speech on how JUSTIFIED it was to kill the hamas leader and that israel should disarm every palestinian and justt nuke the place!then some homeland propaganda made me so sick – if that fuck would be a christian wtf would he say something like that!!!i am going to write an email to this sickening tv channel and that old fuck whom is none but an infidel piece of shit!

i then took adela home.i had to leave,because i had to be somewhere at 2pm,but she invided me to come and she will cook for me. YAY,of course i will come and eat some  good ole arab homecooked meals,hehe.

after my 2 pm trip,i was on an intersection in an more black neighborhood.and i saw these “nation of islam guys” giving out their newspaper “the final call’ – to all the black people that xactlyck people’.he was totally surprised and had to search for an explantion and then told me,that he thinks the whites are evil and ill mannered.and i said;you are muslim,right?’ he nodded his i said; doesn’t the koran teach you not to hate and judge people by color? he said ;yes BUT the white ppls and we african americans in the usa,slavery i interrupted him and said – stay on the islamic fact of this subject and not african american history of slavery.he then looked at me and said ;you are right; i and my brothers we have to learn to overlook color.exactly i said,because muslims come in all shape forms and skin colors.

but i couldn’t resist to tell him that minister farrakhan IMHO is an criminal whom helped to kill malcolm x,once he came back from mecca and saw the light that islam is an religion of alll races and colors.and once he changed his radical islamic point of views -he was murdered by the nation of islam,including back then the young ‘farrakhan’ whom created his leadership by pushing,killing malcolm x.the guy denied all of i suggestes some readign material to him.

well i made my point to the guy,i always wanted to confront these guys,and he then thanked me for bringing this ’subject’ up to him and asked me if i see another ‘NOI brother’ to do the same,and ask HIM the same questions.

which i will do.
the end,



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